Quavo Screaming After The Famous American Rapper Shot Dead At 28 Years Of Age

Quavo Screaming

Quavo screaming in the video released by TMZ went viral on social media. TMZ received tons of criticism for sharing the video as it consists of sensitive content. 

Fox interviewed a TMZ reporter and asked why such sensitive content was uploaded on social media. But what is so sensitive in the video? Have you seen the video? Is Quavo screaming in the video

Let’s learn everything about it. 

Quavo Screaming In The Video

Quavo is the frontman and founder of the hip-hop group, Migos. He was the uncle of Takeoff, who later joined the group in 2008 in Georgia. 

Before 2013, the band didn’t gain much popularity from their releases, but after releasing “Versace” in 2013, they started to get recognized among the fans. This was also their career’s first major hit. 

Later the band released other albums as well, but recently they were headlined in news channels and social media when a video went viral about Quavo screaming in a video. 

The video showed the death of Takeoff when he and Quavo, alongside other group members, attended a bowling alley in Houston on Tuesday morning, 1st November 2022. 

Quavo and Takeoff’s conversion was heard in the video when Quavo was saying Basketball. Later the two fell into an argument with an unknown person while playing a dice game. 

As the video proceeded, Takeoff said, “I don’t get down like that!” These were the last words before being shot to death by the unknown person.

Everyone was shocked to hear the gunshot and ran in different directions. Quavo and the others came to pick up Takeoff, but they put him back on the floor as he was not responding. 

Quavo screaming voice was audible in the video, and he was saying that someone should immediately call for help. Later a nurse woman came to help Takeoff and Quavo called the 911 operator to ask what she should do. 

The police reported that two people were injured in the incident, and they were immediately escorted to the nearby hospital. The police are still investigating the person who shot Takeoff to death. 

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