Were R Kelly Children Affected By Their Father’s Criminal Behavior?

r kelly children

Despite the scandals surrounding their father, R Kelly children, Joann, Jay, and Robert, are determined to lead successful lives. 

With the legal issues and charges against their father, the siblings have continued working towards their goals and dreams.

R. Kelly, a renowned singer, and songwriter face numerous legal issues, including s*xual abuse and assault charges that a Chicago prosecutor has dropped. 

Despite these charges dating back to as far as 1998, Kelly was already convicted on federal racketeering and s*x trafficking charges in 2021, resulting in a sentence of 30 years in prison. 

He has also been found guilty of s*x crimes and is expected to receive additional sentencing next month, which may keep him behind bars until he is 80.

R. Kelly’s relationship with his children, including Joann, Jay, and Robert, has become strained. 

In an interview with The Bert Show in 2019, his ex-wife Andrea revealed that the singer no longer has any contact with his children, stating, “He has no relationship with his children now. He has changed his phone number and doesn’t call them. We don’t have his new number.” 

R. Kelly and Andrea were married from 1996 to 2009 before ultimately divorcing.

Joann Kelly, the eldest child of R. Kelly

Joann Kelly, also known by her stage name Buku Abi, is the eldest of the three children of R. Kelly and his ex-wife, Andrea. 

Born on March 19, 1998, Joann has decided to pursue a career in music, following in her father’s footsteps as a singer and performer.

In an interview, Joann spoke about her relationship with her father and his crimes. She stated that she is estranged from him and that their relationship is no longer a part of her life. 

Despite the challenges she may face as the daughter of R. Kelly, Joann remains dedicated to her music and creating a successful life for herself.

Jay Kelly, the middle child of R. Kelly

The middle child of R. Kelly and Andrea is Jay, who was born in 2000 and has since become a talented musician under the name JaahBaby.

Jay was initially named Jaya and was born as a female. However, in 2014, Jay came out as transgender and announced their transition. 

At 22 years old, Jay has been making a name for themselves as an artist. Jay’s musical journey has been a testament to their determination and passion for music, and they continue to inspire others with their art. 

Robert Kelly Jr, the youngest child of R Kelly

R. Kelly’s youngest child is Robert Kelly Jr., born in 2002 to the singer and his ex-wife Andrea. Robert is now 20 years old.

At the time of Robert’s birth, reports indicate that Andrea was experiencing abuse from R. Kelly. 

Unlike Joann and Jay, Robert has kept a more private life and has not been in the public eye. There is little information about his activities or opinions about his father’s legal troubles. 

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