Ray Comfort Net Worth: His Successful Evangelical Career

Ray comfort net worth

Ray Comfort net worth is estimated at between $5 to $16 million. His sources of income are his book sales, television shows, other public appearances, and social media.

He is a New Zealand Christian minister and evangelist and the author of numerous books and other publications.

Comfort was born in New Zealand. His mother was Jewish, and he described his father as a pagan, open, however, to divine manifestation.

In Bellflower, California, Comfort founded the Christian evangelical publishing house ‘Living Waters Publications’ and established with actor Kirk Cameron and radio host Todd Friel evangelical organization The Way of the Master, which produces radio and television shows, online courses, and specialized literature.

The Way of the Master and other publications played a vital role in Ray Comfort’s net worth.

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's The Way of the Master
Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort’s The Way of the Master

Ray Comfort net worth- The story of an entrepreneur turned pastor

According to Comfort’s autobiography, his parents put ‘Methodist’ in the religion section of his birth certificate because his mother was afraid that another Hitler might appear. Still, he did not receive a religious upbringing as a child.

After graduating from school at the age of 17, Ray got a job in a bank, and three years later, when Ray Comfort net worth began to grow, he organized his own business, quite successful.

Comfort became increasingly religious and, at the age of 22, enrolled in a seven-year course at the local church, after which he was ordained as a full pastor.

After that, he spent three and a half years as a pastor in Christchurch, New Zealand, and for 12 years preached open-air sermons in the city’s public meeting place. Apart from this, Ray Comfort has no other formal training or degree in theology.

At the age of 30, Ray began to receive the first invitations to speak internationally. In 1989, he accepted an invitation to join the pastors of an evangelical association of Christian churches known as Calvary Chapel in Southern California.

However, as far as nationality is concerned, Comfort nonetheless identifies as Jewish.

He believes that evangelism is the primary reason for the existence of the Christian church and that many of the evangelistic methods used over the past century have been the cause of false conversions to Christianity.

Comfort often uses the Ten Commandments when talking about sin before presenting the gospel itself, i.e., the biography of Jesus Christ.

In the mid-1980s, he compiled two sermons entitled ‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’ and ‘True and False Conversions.’ He gives professional church lectures, conducts evangelistic seminars, and preaches in Huntington Beach, California.

Previously, he was one of the hosts of the radio program ‘ The Way of the Master’ with Kirk Cameron. Comfort currently co-hosts ‘The Way of the Master Television Show’ and ‘Creationism Examiner’ in ‘The Examiner.’

However, this era contributed to Ray Comfort net worth drastically.

Comfort and Cameron also co-wrote the script for ‘Left Behind II: Tribulation Force’ (2002), based on biblical events.

Ray comfort with Kirk Cameron
Ray comfort with Kirk Cameron

As a popular and influential figure in Christian evangelism, Ray Comfort has been a regular presence in debates, including on television, for the past decade or so.

Among the issues he discussed were the Ten Commandments, the Day of Judgment, the reality of hell, the need for repentance, and the existence of God. During one of the discussions in 2007, Comfort publicly condemned the theory of evolution.

In February 2009, Comfort challenged distinguished British scientist Clinton Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, and science communicator, to donate $10,000 to his non-profit organization, the ‘Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.’

Dawkins, who had previously stated that he was not going to waste time arguing with creationists, noted that he agreed to the discussion on the condition that the donation would be $100,000. Alas, Comfort was not ready for such sacrifices.

Ray Comfort’s participation in debates on God’s existence

On May 5, 2007, Comfort participated in a debate on the existence of God at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan, sitting behind Kirk Cameron.

He also took part in a debate with Ron Barrier, the National Spokesman for American Atheists, at the 27th National Convention of American Atheists in Orlando, Florida, on April 13, 2001.

Despite facing unified ridicule from the audience, Comfort found the experience beneficial as it allowed him to revisit and reinforce his knowledge on topics such as the Ten Commandments, Judgment Day, Hell, the Cross, and the importance of repentance, without any interruptions.

Comfort and Cameron were involved in a debate on the existence of God on May 5, 2007, alongside Brian Sapient and Kelly O’Connor of the Rational Response Squad.

The debate was televised and held at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan, with Martin Bashir serving as the moderator. Comfort asserted that he could scientifically demonstrate the existence of God, independent of any reference to the Bible.

Throughout the discussion, Comfort and Cameron made frequent references to the Ten Commandments and rejected the theory of evolution.

Comfort has been designing gospel tracts since the 1970s, and he claims to sell millions of Living Waters tracts each year. He has created numerous tracts, with some resembling paper money, such as fake $100, $1,000, and $1 million bills.

Others feature novelties intended to amuse the reader, such as a “ticket to heaven” that can be torn up if the reader does not need it. The ticket is printed on a type of plastic, making it difficult to tear.

The tracts aim to persuade the reader that they will be found guilty of breaking one or more of the Ten Commandments on judgment day, leading them to go to hell unless they acknowledge Christ’s substitutionary atonement through prayer.

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