Ray McNeil Murder: Everything About The Netflix Documentary, Killer Sally

Ray McNeil Murder

Ray McNeil murder was discussed in the Netflix three-part documentary Killer Sally. It is a three-part documentary in which the first part Sally, discusses her abusive childhood life at her home. 

In the second part, she discusses her romantic life with her husband, Ray Mcneil. In the third part, she explains why she shot her husband to death. 

On Valentine’s day, 1995, Sally Mcneil was arrested for murdering her husband, Ray McNeil. She alleged that Ray was abusing her kids and lashed out at her, which was caused by his frequent steroid use. 

Both were ex-marines and world-class bodybuilders. Ray won Mr. California in 1991 when he was 256 pounds.

While Ray won his title, Sally won two U.S. Armed Services Physique Championships in the 1980s.

Sally and Ray McNeil were fellow bodybuilders, and Sally says that the first time she and Ray first met in the gym, it was “lust at first sight.”

After the couple tied the knot in 1987, three days into their marriage, Ray punched Sally in his face. 

The couple continued their marriage for seven years as they didn’t share happy moments together often. They usually argued over something, and Ray beat her and abused her kids. 

In the documentary, Sally’s children are also featured in the interview where John says that his father, Ray, would often beat him and abuse him.

He also says that sometimes he would lash out at his sister, Shantina. 

Later, it was Valentine’s day of 1995 when an argument arose between the couple. This was the final time Ray fought with his wife, after which he was shot dead. 

During the argument, Ray took it all out on his wife, Sally. He started punching her and beating her brutally, which led Sally to no other choice but to shoot him.

The children have also confirmed that their father was abusing them and beating their mothers. 

After killing her husband in self-defense, she was arrested. In court, she was found guilty of the second-degree murder of her husband by a jury.

This led her to serve 19 years of her life in prison. 

Ray Mcneil And Sally’s Relationship

Ray Mcneil was a 23-year-old bodybuilder who married his wife, Sally, who was 27 years old. Sally was already a mother of two children and was also divorced from her young marriage. 

After their first meeting, they were instantly attracted to one another and started dating. They didn’t waste much time and tied the knot. 

Sally was dismissed from the military due to her poor performance, so she made a career in wrestling, where she claims she wrestled ten men and would receive $3000 monthly. 

Although the couple began their love life romantically, after the marriage, things took a U-turn as Ray was often fighting or arguing with his wife. 

As per her kids, Ray would choke and beat Sally brutally.

His brutality over his wife and kids was the sole reason that caused Sally to shoot her husband, as she claims she did this in self-defense. 

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