Why This Hollywood Artist Tutoring Arab Kids In Quarantine?

Reem Ali Adeeb

A latest story coming about a female Hollywood artist has amused many of the world’s biggest film industry’s fans. What this Hollywood artist is actually doing?

Reem Ali Adeeb is a Hollywood artist living in Los Angeles, California. Reem Ali, during the quarantine period, is helping kids with Arabic language tutorials about drawing and effective reading skills.

She thinks that for the Arab kids and people there is already a huge quantity of English content is available for learning on the internet while the availability of learning tutorials in Arabic language is very scars.

Therefore, Reem Ali decided to help Arab kids with making them learn and practice Arts (drawing and reading skills) in their native language ‘Arabic’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reem Ali’s initiative helped the Middle Eastern Arabic speaking kids in the times when these kids along with billions of others are not able to attend the school.

The Syrian-Born animation artist, Reem Ali Adeeb, is currently living in LA, California and work for the renowned American organization ‘Warner Bros Entertainment’.

A few days back, Reem Ali had this online tutoring idea, during the phone conversation with her sister from Qatar. Reem’s sister, who is a Pharmaceutical lecturer in Qatar, proposed the idea to start a YouTube channel for the help of Arab kids and their parents.

Reem and her sister Sandi create YouTube tutorial videos of basic drawing skills and read out Arab kids’ school books. The channel is designed to not only help the kids but also their parents who are worried about the educational gap of their kids due to the global pandemic.

Reem’s videos keep the kids engage with easy and entertaining lessons that are in the language which they can easily understand. Reem’s efforts are getting thumbs up reaction from social media worldwide.

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