Reminisce Album Release Date Announced: Latest Updates

Reminisce Album Release Date

Reminisce album release date has been a topic of much excitement among his fans.

He recently shared with his fans that his new album, ‘ALAYE TOH SE GOGO,’ is set to hit the music scene on October 27, 2023. 

Fans of Reminisce are buzzing with excitement for his new tracks. The album, first set to come out on September 29, 2023, experienced a postponement.

Reminisce is investing much effort to ensure the album’s quality is top-notch. His fans believe in him and are certain that the delay will be worth the wait.

He displays a strong commitment to both his music and his fans. He’s putting in a diligent effort to craft an exceptional album that his fan base will adore.

He knows well that his fans have high hopes, and he’s putting in relentless effort to live up to those expectations.

His fans are growing progressively more excited with the release date drawing near.

They’ve marked their calendars, eagerly anticipating the day when they can savor Reminisce’s new music.

The release of ‘ALAYE TOH SE GOGO’ isn’t just an event for them; it’s a celebration of Reminisce’s music journey. Everyone is waiting for the album to drop. 

Reminisce career from debut to ‘ALAYE TOH SE GOGO’

Reminisce has released several albums that have significantly impacted the music world. These albums show his talent and creativity as an artist.

His first album, “Book of Rap Stories,” came out in 2012. This album was essential because it was his first one.

 It introduced Reminisce’s unique style of rap to the world. The songs in this album tell different stories about life and love. 

The well-received album helped Reminisce establish his place in the music industry.

In 2013, he released his second album, “Alaga Ibile.” This album confirmed Reminisce’s position as a top rapper in Nigeria. 

It included hit songs that became very popular. The album showed that Reminisce could make good music consistently. 

In 2015, he released his third album, “Baba Hafusa,” which gained attention for debuting at number 12 on the Billboard charts.

The following year 2016, his fourth album, “El-Hadj,” continued his Billboard success by reaching number 13, just like “Baba Hafusa.”

Reminisce is preparing to release his fifth studio album, “ALAYE TOH SE GOGO.” His fans are eagerly waiting for this album. 

They are excited to hear his new songs and see how much he has grown as an artist.

Reminisce age and education

Reminisce, whose real name is Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, was born in Kaduna State on January 26, 1981. He is 42 years old now.

Reminisce 1

As a young student, Reminisce discovered his passion for music. He dedicated much of his time to listening to various music genres from Nigeria and other places.

His interests ranged from traditional Yoruba music to contemporary pop and hip-hop.

By immersing himself in music early on, he gained extensive knowledge that later contributed to developing his distinct musical style.

But Reminisce didn’t just listen to music but also participated. He joined many school activities that let him show off his talent and improve his skills as a performer. 

These early experiences helped him get ready for his future career in the music industry.

His career from northern Nigeria to the western part and his strong commitment to music and learning have been instrumental in his growth and success as an artist.
Now, Reminisce is not only one of the most renowned musicians in Nigeria but also a symbol of the rewards of hard work and pursuing your passions.

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