Rena Baker Missing Chicago – Dead Body Found Inside The Car

rena baker missing chicago

Rena Baker missing Chicago report was submitted by her family when she did not pick up her son from school and missed her daughter’s graduation this month.

Before disappearing, Rena was working at a dental office near 51st Pulaski in Archer Heights, Chicago.

She was 39 years old when she went missing for almost a week. 

She was last seen on May 31, 2023, while she coming out from a friend’s house, which was located at 76th King Drive in Chatham. 

At that time, she was driving a maroon Hyundai Sonata.

According to Rena’s brother, Andre Baker, she was caught on surveillance footage leaving her friend’s home shortly before she disappeared. 

Andre also mentioned that Rena left her cell phone at home before she vanished.

After almost a week, a Chicago Streets and Sanitation worker discovered a car resembling the Rena Baker missing Chicago resident’s car on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

When law enforcement reached there, they found a woman’s dead body inside the car. 

However, authorities have yet to officially identify the body.

Rena Baker’s family confirmed the death news of her through Fox News on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

In a statement, they expressed their deep sorrow and confirmed the passing of their beloved Rena.

They explained that Rena was a beautiful, warm, and loving person who had a positive impact on everyone’s life she met.

The family also stated that her absence created an influential void in the lives of her children, as well as in the lives of her family and friends.

Rena Baker’s brother, Andre Parker, explained that the family contacted the authorities when she didn’t collect her son on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Their worries intensified when she didn’t attend her daughter’s graduation on June 5. 

Andre Parker mentioned that Rena’s absence during important moments in her children’s lives was unusual for her.

In a statement to ABC News, Andre Parker mentioned that Rena had been happy and was making plans for parties. 

He further added that Rena was loved by everyone because she consistently prioritized the well-being of others before her own.

According to Rena’s brother, on the night she went missing, her car was observed being driven in a reckless manner, heading away from home. 

This led the family to suspect that someone other than Rena was behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Rena’s brother also commented that the sequence of events didn’t make sense to him. 

He pointed out that Rena’s residence was located due south from where she was last seen, and to reach home, she would need to go east.

However, it appeared that she went in the opposite direction, west, which didn’t align with her usual route. 

Due to this inconsistency, Rena’s brother expressed doubts that it was indeed Rena driving the car.

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