Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Find What They Each Weren’t Able to Before 

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Find What They Each Weren't Able to Before

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky discover what they couldn’t before, but what is it?

The famous Barbadian singer and fashion designer have been the topic of news for ages. She recently broke the internet when she revealed her baby bump, revealing she was becoming a mother. The father of her baby is A$AP Rocky. 

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

There has been no shortage of media spotlight on celebrity couples and their personal lives being judged and discussed worldwide. But only some would have received as much light and paparazzi probe into their personal lives as Rihanna.  

Her on and off relationships with Brown, the domestic violence controversy, then with Drake, and finally with ASAP (stylized as A$AP) Rocky have broken the internet time and again. But her recent news really literally broke the internet when she showcased her baby bump. 

A Little Background into Rihanna and A$AP Rocky 

Rihanna was born in 1988 and belongs to Barbados. She is a singer and a fashion designer along with being a businesswoman. She was discovered by American producer Evan Rogers and first sang commercially for Def Jam and soon gained recognition and acclaim by her first two albums.  

Her albums were influenced by Caribbean music and instantly topped the top ten of the US Billboard 200 chart.  Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. 

A$AP Rocky was born in 1988 and is an American rapper and record producer. He hails from Manhattan and is a member of A$AP Mob, the collective of hip-hop. He instantly gained recognition with his first demos and mixtape. He has signed with records like Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records, and Polo Grounds Music.  

His full name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers. 

Rihanna’s Pregnancy 

Just a day ago from the date of writing of this article, Rihanna broke the internet when she and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky shared a photo and post regarding the rumored pregnancy. They confirmed that Rihanna was indeed pregnant, and had a sizeable bump.  

This revelation shoot was carried out by Diggzy, who took Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s photographs that have got the internet swirling. Replying to the intense reaction on the internet, he only wrote in full caps on his Instagram page, “SHE IS!” 

The Barbados sensation wore an open coat with heavy accessories such as chains that lay on her baby bump which she unveiled in her post. The pair were having a walk around New York together, in A$AP Rocky’s hometown Harlem.  

The 33-year-old celebrated singer was seen with her coat buttons undone, and hand-in-hand with her boyfriend, whom she has been seeing since 2016, and with whom her relationship was confirmed in the year 2020. 

Insider Probe on the Pregnancy and Their Relationship 

PEOPLE had an insider as their source who told them a little more detail regarding their relationship and the pregnancy. According to the insider, the couple is thrilled by this advancement and is ready to welcome parenthood and added responsibility.  

This is a shocking development as Rihanna has always liked children, but has never really shown much inclination to have her own.  

The source reveals more, “Having a baby is something she was never focused on, but being with Rocky opened her up to the idea. She couldn’t be happier and is so excited to be a mom,” 

The insider further says. “She’s loving all the changes to her body during pregnancy and has always celebrated pregnant women in her runway shows for Fenty.” 

Rihanna has a certain mindset in which she does things, and the insider confirmed the said fact. “Everything Rihanna does, she does it her own way on her own time table, and having a baby is no different. They’re just like any other pair of parents-to-be. Yes, they happen to be famous but they’re just the cutest, giddiest young couple that’s expecting kids.” 

Rocky and Rihanna Relationship 

The global rapper A$AP Rocky and one of the highest-paid singers Rihanna has been in a relationship since early 2020 when A$AP Rocky gave an interview to GQ and confirmed that he and Rihanna were in a relationship. The interview was conducted on 19th May 2021, but reports are of earlier. 

The duo is also rumored to be linked together from as early as 2016.  

Rihanna and Rocky have a good relationship going on. The duo is very excited with the recent development, and A$AP Rocky is turning out to be a great half for Rihanna.  

Not only does Rocky make Rihanna feel extra special with his gestures, but the source also sheds some more light regarding the famed rapper’s unusual and romantic gestures.  

“A lot of guys have tried to sweep her off her feet, but Rocky actually managed to do it,” He further titled his gestures as being over the top and added, “He’s over-the-top romantic and sends her rooms full of flowers all the time. She’s never felt this way before and this relationship has changed her.” 

It has been reported via another source that the duo is living together and look more than happy together. Their friends and family are more than excited about this phase of their relationship and about the pregnancy, as well. 

It turns out everything is turning out to be okay and looks like everything will work out. All of the concerned parties are glad and everyone thinks the celebrated couple with being great parents. 

Fans Reaction via Social Media 

As was expected with any news concerning Rihanna, the revelation post broke the internet and fans swarmed the posts with their warm wishes and greetings. Social media reacted to the baby bump in its own, diverse way. 

One tweeted, “RIHANNA IS WITH CHILD IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT THANK U GOD…Congrats sis I’m soooo happy!!!!!” 

While one other fan expressed their happiness, “Rihanna looks so gorgeous and radiant pregnant.. like LOOK AT HER”. This was expressed in a tweet.  

Another best-selling music artist of all time’s fan commented, “Rihanna will definitely be a great mother. She’s always been obsessed with children. I’m so happy she’s finally having her own.” 

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