Rob Lowe s*x Scandal – How Did It Change His Life?

rob lowe sx scandal

Rob Lowe s*x scandal changed his life for good. He credits his 1988 s*x tape for positively changing his life trajectory.

In 1988, a private s*x tape featuring the actor Rob Lowe was leaked to the press. 

The tape was recorded in Atlanta and showed Lowe engaging in s*xual acts with two women, Lena Jan Parsons, known as Jan, who was 16 years old at the time, and her friend Tara Seburt who was 23 years old. 

Lowe reportedly picked the women up at a Club Rio nightclub and took them back to the Atlanta Hilton, where the tape was recorded.

Upon the tape’s release, Lowe claimed that he did not know that Jan was underage. 

Despite this, he faced significant media attention and criticism for his actions. The situation was eventually resolved through a lawsuit with Jan’s family, and Lowe was not charged with any criminal offense.

Despite the negative impact the situation had on his reputation, Lowe has stated that he is grateful for the experience as it helped him re-evaluate his priorities and focus on what is truly important in his life.

Rob Lowe s*x scandal made him sober

Rob Lowe, now 58 years old, humorously claimed that he was the one who “invented” the concept of s*x tape, but he lamented that he did not profit from it in the way that others have in recent years. 

Despite the jest, Lowe has spoken candidly about how the tape scandal helped him turn his life around.

He stated that the experience was a catalyst for him to get sober and reflect on his life choices. 

He credits his sobriety for leading to a successful 31-year marriage with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, and for allowing him to raise two sons, Matthew and John. 

In his memoir, Lowe wrote about his journey towards sobriety, which began in 1990 when he was in his 20s and struggling with alcohol abuse.

Before this turning point, Lowe was a teenage celebrity consumed by drugs and focused solely on fame. 

During a Comedy Central Roast, he publicly roasted the s*x tape in September 2016. 

The event featured comedic jabs at various aspects of Lowe’s life, including his acting career, attractive appearance, and past relationships

The s*x tape was a scorching topic of discussion and was even parodied by Lowe himself in a promotional video for the roast. 

Despite the humor, his family was in attendance and witnessed the jokes and jabs aimed at their loved one.

Lowe opened up about his life struggles, saying, “I spend a lot of time thinking, ‘Should I be doing this, should I be doing that?’ It changed my life. I have great empathy in people who can just do it themselves. I needed experts. It was great, it was fantastic.”

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