Robert Card Parents Speak Out After Lewiston Shooting

Robert Card parents

Who are Robert Card Parents? Many people are curious to know them after a sad event occurred in Lewiston, Maine.

On 25 October 2023, a man started shooting in a bowling alley and a bar.

He hurt many people; 22 died, and around 50 to 60 others were injured. 

The police are trying very hard to find the man who did this. His name is Robert Card, and he is 40 years old.

Lewiston Mass Shooting scene

They are searching everywhere for him. They also have asked everyone living in Lewiston to stay inside their homes until they find Mr. Card. 

This caution is due to concerns about his potential risk.

The police are making every effort to ensure the safety of the public.

Additionally, the police have engaged in a conversation with Mr. Card’s parents, who are deeply distressed by the situation.

They expressed their disbelief that their son could be involved in such an incident and are cooperating with the police to the fullest extent.

They wish for Mr. Card to be located swiftly, preventing further harm to anyone else.

Everyone in Lewiston is terrified right now. They hope the police find Mr. Card soon so they can feel safe again.

 Meanwhile, they are thinking about the people who were hurt or died in this terrible event.

Who is the Suspect in the Lewiston Mass Shooting?

Police confirmed that Card is believed to have carried out the firing spree at a bowling alley and an original eatery and bar in Lewiston, Maine.

The card has a history of violence and internal health issues. He had been arrested for domestic violence before this time.

In the meantime, the police have issued a warning to all dwellers in Lewiston. They’ve asked everyone to stay inside their homes for their safety.


He reported mental health issues, including hearing voices, and had threatened an attack at the military training base in Saco, Maine. 

He was admitted to a mental health facility for two weeks.

The police are trying to find Card. He was seen driving a white Subaru car after a shooting took place. 

The police have shared photos of this car.  

The death toll in Lewiston

A horrible event has occurred in Lewiston, Maine. A gunman went on a firing spree at an original bowling alley, restaurant, and bar.

In this event, 22 lives were tragically lost, and many people suffered injuries. Though the precise count of those wounded is not yet confirmed, it is estimated to be in the dozens.

Upon receiving the initial reports, the local authorities swiftly launched a comprehensive operation to apprehend the person responsible for these heinous acts of violence.

They are diligently dedicating their resources to locate the individual responsible, but the perpetrator remains at large.

In the meantime, the police have issued a safety advisory to all residents of Lewiston, urging everyone to stay indoors for their safety.

Who are Robert Card’s parents?

While no critical information about Robert Card parents is available, they’ve expressed deep sadness and surprise about their son’s conduct.

In a statement to the media, they mentioned,” We’re agonized about what happed, and we want to shoot our sympathies to the families and musketeers of those who lost their lives or got hurt.”

They also mentioned,” We noway imagined our son would do commodity like this.”

The examinations into the firing are still passing, and the authorities are trying to determine why Card did what he did.

At the same time, the Lewiston community is feeling shocked and sad because they lost so numerous people.

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