Robert Card Religion: The Beliefs Of Mass Lewiston Shooter

Robert Card Religion

The discussion about Robert Card religion earned prominence on social media after news of the horrible incident surfaced.

He is a 40-year-old man born on April 4, 1983, in Bowdoin, Maine.

It’s confirmed that he practices Christianity, although no further details about his specific faith have been disclosed.

Recently, he has become the focus of a significant police investigation due to an incident in Lewiston, Maine. 

A mass shooting occurred, resulting in many casualties and injuries. The police believe that Robert might have crucial information about this horrific event.

Robert stands out from the ordinary.

He holds extensive expertise in firearms, serving as an instructor to educate others on safe gun handling.

He also holds a role within the Army Reserve in Saco, Maine.

robert card

The Army Reserve is a military branch where individuals serve part-time but can be summoned for full-time service when needed.

However, Robert has been facing some personal issues. Reports suggest that he has been struggling with his mental health. 

He spent two weeks at a mental health facility last summer. More recently, he disclosed to someone that he was hearing voices. 

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He also wanted to attack the National Guard Base in Saco, Maine. 

Law enforcement agencies’ alarming statements

As a result of these alarming statements, the police issued a bulletin to all law enforcement agencies, warning them that Robert could be “armed and dangerous.”

The police are in active pursuit of Robert at this time. They have contacted the public, urging anyone with knowledge about Robert’s location to contact them.

The community is filled with anticipation, wishing for the swift apprehension of Robert to avert any further incidents of gunfire.

The incident has left people saddened and eager for this dreadful chapter to conclude quickly.

The police are working hard to learn more about the shooting and Robert Card. Everyone is hoping for a quick end to this sad situation.

Robert Card Parents Statement

Late on Wednesday night, the parents of Robert Card, the individual under scrutiny in the recent unfortunate incident, released an official statement.

In their communication, they expressed heartfelt compassion for all those touched by the tragic incident.

They offered their prayers and most profound sympathy to the families and friends of the victims who faced the aftermath of this regrettable event.

Furthermore, their statement expressed a desire for Robert to be found swiftly and to face responsibility for his actions.

The statement released by Robert Card’s parents reflects their understanding of the distress and anguish caused by the incident and their wish for a solution.

These are challenging times for everyone affected, and the community seeks understanding and closure during this troubling period.

The ongoing investigation aims to illuminate the situation, offering solace to those impacted by this tragic event.

Where is Robert Card Now?

His current location is unknown, but A”vehicle of interest” has been located in Lisbon, Maine, and state police are asking for the public’s help chancing Card.

Vehicle of interest

Filmland participated by the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office, shows the suspect wearing a brown sweatshirt and holding a rifle.

Residers of Lewiston were told to” shelter in place” and to” stay inside your home with the doors locked.”

FBI Boston said they’re coordinating with original and state law enforcement.

They prompt the public to remain watchful and immediately report any suspicious activity and individualities to law enforcement.