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Robert Knighton A Man Behind the Pied-À-Terre Management Firm for the Ultra-Wealthy 

Robert Knighton went from fashion designer to owning his own Pied-À-Terre management firm serving the ultra-wealthy, from celebrities to top businessmen.

His company, ViVODOMi, partners with high-net-worth individuals in NYC by offering a variety of services, from home management to solving complex problems—whatever they might be.

Despite being in the luxury real estate management industry, Robert didn’t come from money. Like many of his clients, he worked hard to get where he is now.

He was originally known for his work as a fashion designer but switched courses and became an interior designer.

Robert also had and gained expertise in construction management, personnel supervising, and property maintenance. His eye for beauty, project management skills, and past experiences all led to the creation of ViVODOMi. 

ViVODOMi has since grown to be one of the top Pied-À-Terre management firms in NYC, serving billionaire clients. The firm offers a variety of luxury services—from home management to special requests.

The firm has become an all-inclusive service offering four main luxury services that play off of the strengths of both Robert and his partner:

  • Concierge Services—Includes a personal assistant who can do everything, from managing appointments to getting a passport renewed.
  • Pied-À-Terre Management—Home management from maintenance to weekly motoring to ensure the home stays in perfect condition.
  • Pied-A-Terre Preparation—Relocation preparation that includes the coordination of the entire relocation process and ensures the client’s transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 
  • Renovation Management—Falling under one of Roberts’ many strengths, renovation management handles everything from the planning stages to the final execution.

Ultimately, Robert’s management firm is designed to handle it all to give high-net-worth individuals peace of mind. As a result, Robert’s firm has become one of the top Pied-À-Terre management firms in NYC and has developed a reputation of trust and competence.

While Robert has come far from his humbler origins, he still faces challenges on a daily basis. One of the biggest challenges he faced was being a minority male in the ultra-rich, mostly nondiverse white world. 

Robert explains: “You need to be able to be ok being the only black person in the room at times and still be yourself, and trust you belong.” 

He goes on to say: “This is why so many of our clients are people of color who have built their wealth in sports and entertainment because we can relate to them, and they trust us to know we have their back because we too made ourselves from the ground up.”

Robert has learned a lot throughout his entrepreneurial journey, and one of his greatest pieces of advice to others is, in his words: “It’s not what you get or give. It’s who you become.

The key to success is longevity and changing to meet market needs.

Always quality over quantity and results over cost. ”All in all, Robert Knighton owns one of the best luxury Pied-À-Terre management firms that provide its billionaire clients with trust and peace of mind along with a truly ultra-wealthy experience.