Who Is Rome Flynn? Career, Personal Life, Family & Net Worth

Rome Flynn Celebrity

Rome Flynn is an actor, model of the United States. He was born on November 25, 1991, in Chicago, Illinois. He is widely known for his music career. 

Flynn earned enormous dignity and respect in his career. Because of his relentless effort and strive, he has a huge fan following across the globe.

Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn Early Life

Rome Flynn belongs to well educated and reputed family. He belongs to Afro-Cuban heritage.

In his school times, he was a good player and interested in basketball. Due to his outstanding performance in basketball, Fynn availed scholarship to college and attended Benedictine University.

In 2010, Flynn graduated from Lanphier High School and moved to Los Angeles. 

During his School, Fynn started working as a high fashion and runway modal in Chicago.

Moreover, he also used to sing songs and guitar as his interest and ambition, which led to developing his fame as a social media personality.

Rome Flynn Personality

Rome Flynn is a reputed personality of the USA. He is humble and polite in nature. Due to his soft nature, he earned a huge following. Fynn is very enthusiastic and ambitious in his work, and to achieve its high goals, he works relentlessly. 

He is brown in color with black color eyes. Fynn has average height and weight. In some of the reports, it is estimated that his height is 1.8m.

Moreover, Flynn strives high to keep himself healthy and strong. In order to be healthy, he has been indulged in many vigorous activities like gyming and running. 

In an interview,  he said that I have a rough and challenging routine that gives me strength and stability.

Rome Flynn Career

Rome Flynn has pursued his career as an actor, musician, and model at an early age.

In order to gain popularity, he managed to extend his fan followers on social media.

In 2014, Flynn worked in the movie named “Drumline”. In 2015, Flynn worked in “The Bold and the Beautiful’ movie, the role which he has given was of Zende.

In 2016, Flynn declared that he had been cast in the film adaptation of Gretchen McNeil’s novel TEN opposite. 

In 2017, Flynn appeared as a guest in episodes of the CBS crime dramas NCIS.

Moreover, in  2017, Flynn announced on social media that he had chosen to leave The Bold and the Beautiful after two years with the series.

In 2018, He appeared in the fourth season finale of renowned series named “How to Get Away with Murder” as Gabriel Maddox. 

Due to his enormous effort, Flynn was increased to a series regular for the fifth season.

In 2021, Flynn worked in a series named evin Wakefield, the second season of the Netflix series Raising Dion.

Rome Flynn is a renowned actor, who has earned immense success in some of the series such as: How to Get Away with Murder in 2014, A Madea Family Funeral in 2019, and also, A Christmas Duet in 2019.

On the other hand, as a singer, he has done remarkable work in a couple of new songs such as Brand New, and Keep Me In Mind, has passed 1 million streams on Spotify.

Rome Flynn Personal Life

Flynn keeps his life private and secure. He has not mentioned or revealed his personal life.

In some of the reports, it is mentioned that Flynn has a daughter named Kimiko, and she took her first breath, on 12 December 2014. 

Moreover,  in 2015, Kimiko appeared with Rome Flynn in a Christmas-themed photoshoot for CBS Soaps In Depth.

However, it is not revealed about his other affairs.

Who Is Rome Flynn’s Daughter Mother’s?

There is not much data about her mother. The report states that th mother of Kimiko is Molly Noriko Hurley, Rome’s former lover. Woefully, they are not together and have separated their paths.

Who Is Rome Flynn’s Wife: Is She Camia Marie?

For the celebrity, it is not easy to get away from social media streams. Fans are always eager to know the personal details and affairs of the personality. Rome Flynn is no exception to keep away from fan eagerness.

In some of the reports, it is stated that Flynn was dating Camia Marie. However, after a huge gap in their unison post, it seems that the couple has broken up. 

There are many rumors about Fynn that he married Camia.  But this is not true. Some of the reports even claimed that Kimiko is his daughter from Camia Marie. But, it is not verified by any authentic website.

How Did Rome Flynn Met Camia Marie?

Rome Flynn and Camia Marie met for the first time out of the house. In some of the reports, it was reported that Flynn and Camia Marie started dating in 2015.

But after two years, they broke up the relationship. However,  they have not disclosed the news of their breakup, and now Camie could be seen dating someone else.

In one of the interviews, Camia said. We met outside of her house. We kissed, Our teeth touched. The rest is history.

Is It True That Rome Flynn Has A New Girlfriend?

There is no report about her other girlfriend. He is out of the dating radar after breaking with Camia.

It was found in his Instagram feed that he is living a tranquil and peaceful life and enjoying singlehood. 

But in early 2020, Rome’s fans were astonished to see him with a girl on an Instagram post, and they considered her Rome’s girlfriend. Later on, it was verified by Rome himself that she was just my friend.

In the picture, the fans facilitated them by the keyword “‘My Fav couples’ or ‘Is that your boyfriend.’

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