Ronald Flowers Now: How He Survived From Dahmer Murder Attempt?

Ronald Flowers Now How He Survived From Dahmer Murder Attempt

Ronald Flowers was one of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. Fortunately, he was able to survive the murder attempt. 

A real crime drama series on Netflix called Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tells Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story. 

The show delves deeply into his life and broadens the focus beyond the murders, paying particular attention to the causes of those atrocities. 

From the perspectives of Dahmer’s family, his neighbors, and the relatives of his victims, we watch how the events unfolded.

The ten-episode series covers several factors that contributed to Dahmer becoming the serial killer he was. 

It also depicts the circumstances in which Dahmer came dangerously close to being apprehended but eluded justice owing to a few police officials’ incompetence.

When Ronald Flowers attempted to report him, something similar happened. Where is he today, and what happened to him? All of these questions are being answered below. 

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer And Ronald Flowers Meet?

Ronald Flowers was a resident of Lake County, Illinois, when he encountered Jeffrey Dahmer and managed to survive his attack. 

Ronald Flowers traveled to Milwaukee on April 2, 1988, to purchase a waterbed from one of his friends. 

However, things transpired so that he was left stranded in a parking lot with a non-starting vehicle by the end of the evening. 

At this moment, his buddies had already left, and Flowers was unable to call for assistance when Jeffrey Dahmer suddenly appeared and emphasized helping him transport the bed.

Flowers first met Dahmer in 1988, when the latter offered to assist him with a car-related problem. 

Before they went to his residence, Jeffrey introduced himself as Jeff. 

Dahmer invited Ronald Flowers to visit his grandmother’s house so they could pick up another vehicle, head back to the parking lot, and jump-start Ronald Flowers’ car. 

Dahmer offered Ronald a cup of coffee that he had laced when they got to his grandmother’s house. 

Flowers was soon thrown unconscious because he was unaware that Dahmer had actually upped his coffee consumption.

Ronald lost consciousness quickly and awoke bruised all over at County General Hospital in Milwaukee. His bracelet and money were also missing.

Ronald Reported The S*xual Assault To The Police

Waking up in a hospital, Ronald realized his underwear was inside out when he looked down, confirming his suspicion that he must have been drugged.  

His realization that he had been s*xually abused was further cemented when he discovered blonde hair within his underwear. 

When Ronald Flowers discovered what had happened, he reported Jeffrey Dahmer’s drugging of him to the authorities. 

Cola Styles tried and failed to save Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, from Jeffrey Dahmer’s bloodlust after seeing him naked and hurt outside her apartment and even calling the police, according to the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. 

After Ron called the police, Jeffrey Dahmer was shortly brought in to be questioned. 

Dahmer informed the police that they had a consensual relationship and denied s*xually abusing Ronald Flowers.

Even though he brought the police to Dahmer’s house, nothing more happened. 

According to the authorities, there is no evidence that Dahmer committed the acts Ronald accused him of.

Ronald reportedly ran across Dahmer a year later and challenged him, but Dahmer claimed he didn’t know who Ronald was, according to Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series.

When challenged, Dahmer said he didn’t know Flowers was doing it.

Flowers later observed a second black man boarding a taxi with Dahmer. He warned the man about Dahmer’s temperament, describing him as mad, to which the man responded by making his exit.

The Police Partnered With Jeffrey 

The day before Ron’s hospital visit, Dahmer admitted to the police that Ron had actually been at his house, but they had just engaged in light drinking, not drug use. 

Dahmer remembered assisting Ron to board a bus. Ron grew angrier and angrier as Dahmer feigned not to recognize him and welcomed him home for coffee. 

The police took Jeffrey Dahmer’s side. The police claimed they had not discovered anything that would have shown Dahmer had actually committed the acts Flowers claimed he had; thus, in the end, it was Flowers’ word against Dahmer’s.

It was uncanny what Dahmer told the investigators about his meeting with Ron Flowers when he was questioned about the seventeen murders he had done. 

Ron would likely have become another victim of murder if Dahmer’s grandmother hadn’t accidentally seen them together.

Ronald Flowers Talks About His Experience With Jeffrey Dahmer

In the movie Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Ronald Flowers discussed his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer.

 It was ‘sheer fear,’ according to Ronald. He claimed that while giving evidence in court, he was employed as a counselor for the Lake County Division of Mental Health in Illinois. 

He had been taught to recognize indicators of mental illness in others and had been working with people who had mental illness and developmental impairments since 1985, but he said he hadn’t seen any in Dahmer.

When they got there, Dahmer offered them some coffee.

After that, he sipped some coffee but noticed that ‘Dahmer was staring at me in a way that was frightening—it was almost as if he was waiting for something to happen.’

The last thing I saw was the floor and his shoes before Flowers’ felt disoriented and just slid forward.’ 

Where Is Ronald Flowers Now?

When Ronald flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer crossed paths in Lake County, Illinois, it has a lasting impression on him. 

Since his trial, the flower has avoided the spotlight and little is known about his life other than his discussions of how he survived the attack of Jeffrey Dahmer. 

There is no factual information, but it is assumed that he most likely continued working in Illinois while remaining there. 

He hasn’t spoken about Dahmer outside of his evidence in court and his appearance in the documentary because he prefers to live a calm and serene life free of the media attention that has engulfed other people connected to Dahmer.

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