Ronnie Turner Death, Tina Turner Son: Check Fact And Thought 

Ronnie Turner Death

Tina Turner’s son Ronnie Turner came only four years after the passing of her other son, Ike Turner, causing her to endure yet another devastating loss.

The 62-year-old man, who had previously fought cancer, is believed to have passed away after neighbors near his home in Los Angeles did not attempt to resuscitate him after he started having trouble breathing on the street.

It is not determined what caused Ronnie’s death, and whether the respiratory difficulties he experienced were related to his cancer diagnosis is still unknown.

Ronnie Turner’s death, Tina Turner’s son: Police Investigation and Twitter

It is claimed that Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son, passed away at 62, barely four years after his brother took his own life.

On Thursday morning, a person called 911 to report that Ronnie Turner had trouble breathing outside their residence. According to the report, the dispatcher relayed the information to the police.

After that, EMTs hurried to San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, where people were performing CPR (CPR).

After her kid’s death on Thursday at 62, the legendary musician, who is now 83 years old, uploaded a black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram when she was in a state of mourning. She said in the description, “Ronnie, you departed the world far too early,” and included the photo.

“When I am overcome with sadness, I close my eyes and think of you, my cherished son.”  The actor gets afflicted with various health problems throughout his life, and the precise reason for his passing got revealed.

According to reports, which was the first news outlet to break the story, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a 911 call made in Encino, California, in which the caller stated that Ronnie was having problems breathing and then stopped breathing a few minutes later. Even though spectators performed CPR, medical personnel declared Turner dead.

Afida Turner, a French singer and Ronnie’s wife of 15 years, was the first to confirm his death in an Instagram post. In the post, she referred to him as “a true angel” and her “best friend.”

She penned in, “I gave it my all till the very end, but unfortunately, I could not save you this time. I have loved you for the past 17 years, but this is unbearable and has made me very angry.” The singer said, “This is a terrible accident, and I pray that you, your brother Craig, your father Ike Turner, and Aline find eternal peace. So unfair!”

Afida was referring to the passing of Ronnie’s older brother Craig, who had passed away by his hand in 2018, Ronnie’s father, who had passed away in 2007, and Tina’s sister Alline Bullock, who had passed away in 2010.

In an interview published in Vanity Fair in December 2020, Turner discussed the challenging path she has traveled in her personal and professional life and how she has persevered through it all.

 “My life has been filled with negative experiences that could have resulted in my demise. But rather than letting them hold me back, I used them as stepping stones on my path to success,” she remarked.

“The metamorphosis that is occurring here is referred to as ‘turning poison into medicine.'” This old idea has emerged as the driving force behind the positive trajectory of my life. It indicates that if something negative, or a “poison,” comes into our lives, we have the power to find its hidden worth and change it into something useful, into a “medicine.”

To put it another way: There is an opportunity to learn, develop, and propel ourselves into greater heights of wisdom and fulfillment than we have ever been capable of before in every difficulty, setback, or catastrophe that we face.

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