Ryan Reynolds’ Playful Prank on Wife Blake Lively at Super Bowl

Ryan Reynolds' Playful Prank on Wife Blake Lively at Super Bowl

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Hollywood’s notorious pranksters, lived up to their reputation during Super Bowl LVIII, turning the event into a playful public display of their affection. While Blake enjoyed the game alongside her friend Taylor Swift, Reynolds took to social media to pull a hilarious stunt.

What You Need To Know

  1. Ryan Reynolds’ Super Bowl Prank:
    • The charismatic actor teases his wife, Blake Lively, on Instagram during the Super Bowl.
  2. Taylor Swift’s Touching Tribute:
    • Swift, attending the game with Lively, showcases support for boyfriend Travis Kelce with a jersey number necklace, continuing her season-long trend.
  3. Reynolds’ Internet-Breaking Prank:
    • Reynolds adds a hilarious twist by photoshopping himself and Kelce into a picture of Lively and Swift from the Renaissance Tour movie premiere, leaving fans amused.

The Prank

Midway through the game, with Blake visible in camera cutaways, Reynolds posted a photo on Instagram with two captions:

  1. “Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer?”
  2. “Also has anyone seen my wife?”

The Reactions

  • Fans loved it: Reynolds’ post garnered immense attention and amusement online. His playful jab at Blake and the self-promotional twist resonated with his followers’ sense of humour.
  • Blake played along: Later, Reynolds shared a video of himself and Blake congratulating the Kansas City Chiefs alongside Patrick Mahomes. This confirmed Blake’s whereabouts and added a layer of warmth to the initial “prank.”
  • A touch of competition: Some playfully speculated that this might be Blake’s revenge for Reynolds’ earlier Photoshop shenanigans, where he inserted his face into a photo of Blake and Taylor Swift at the “Renaissance” movie premiere.

Why This Matters?

This playful exchange highlights the couple’s dynamic:

  • Their humor feeds their relationship: They enjoy teasing each other and keeping things lighthearted, even in public settings.
  • They know how to use social media: Their prank utilized the platform’s reach and immediacy to create a lighthearted moment that engaged their audience.
  • Relatable: Their playful banter resonates with couples who enjoy friendly teasing and sharing inside jokes.

Reynolds took to Instagram during the event at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, playfully asking viewers if they had seen the new Deadpool trailer and humorously questioning the whereabouts of his wife. Lively, spotted in a suite with Taylor Swift, enjoyed the game as they cheered for Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

Swift’s Touching Tributes at the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift, attending the Super Bowl with Lively, made heartfelt tributes to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, through her outfit choices. Swift donned black jeans, a bustier top, and a red jacket, complemented by a necklace with Kelce’s jersey number, “87.”

This gesture added a personal touch, echoing Swift’s previous support for Kelce during the football season.

Reynolds’ Internet-Winning Prank and Deadpool Trailer Drop

Recently, Reynolds won the internet with a cleverly edited photo featuring Kelce’s face instead of Blake Lively’s at the Renaissance Tour movie premiere. The Deadpool actor’s playful jab showcased his notorious pranking skills.

Simultaneously, the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 trailer dropped during the Super Bowl, creating excitement among fans.

Ryan Reynolds’ cheeky online post during the Super Bowl, the heartfelt tributes by Taylor Swift, and Reynolds’ internet-breaking prank collectively added an entertaining and memorable touch to the Super Bowl experience.

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