Ryan Seacrest Kids – When Did He Become A Father?

Ryan Seacrest Kids - When Did He Become A Father

Ryan Seacrest’s kids have been the topic of discussion for quite a long time. Their existence is a question mark since no one knows who they are or where they are. 

Ryan Seacrest, 48, recently announced that he would depart from his show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ Ryan’s decision to exit is sad, but as Queen said, the show must go on. 

The producers have already come up with a replacement for Ryan, and it is someone very close to the other show host, Kelly. 

Seacrest will be permanently replaced with actor Mark Consuelos, Kelly’s husband. The show will be officially rebranded as ‘Live with Kelly and Mark.’

On Thursday, February 16th, the longtime broadcaster, who joined the syndicated ABC daytime show in 2017, announced his exit from the series. He plans to move back to the west coast this spring ahead of the American Idol live shows in Los Angeles.

The decision to leave the show was tough and bittersweet for Ryan. He honored his bond with Kelly Ripa and said, “Working alongside Kelly over the past six years has been a dream job and one of the highlights of my career. She has been an amazing partner, friend, and confidant, and although we will always be a part of each other’s lives, I will miss our mornings together.”

While the 48-year-old host does not have any kids of his own right now, he thinks it is about time that he went ahead and fulfilled this dream on one of the episodes of his show. 

Despite not having any kids, Ryan loves his niece profoundly. While talking about a family vacation, Ryan held up a picture of him with his niece eating on the show. He added how the sweet girl threw a tantrum immediately after the photo was clicked. 

He concluded that while having kids when they’re “sweet angels” is fun, he does not like the tantrum part of it.

Contrary to popular belief, Ryan knows his way around parenthood. When Kelly was sharing her way of dealing with her kids’ tantrums, Seacrest added that when his niece screams, he screams along with her. 

‘So when she screams, I scream louder. Then she goes, ‘No, I’m screaming,’ and I go, ‘No, I’m screaming.’ And then she would scream. But if I scream with her, she kind of calms down, he added.

Ryan Seacrest age & net worth

Ryan John Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. His broadcasting career started when he was 16 years old. 

Ryan is currently 48 years old. His estimated net worth in 2023 is a whopping $450 million, thanks to American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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