Ryan Waller Photos: What Happened To Ryan Waller Eye?

Ryan Waller Photos

Ryan Waller photos were shared on social media, and they were disturbing. Those who are sensitive should not see Ryan Waller photos.

But why are Ryan Waller photos so disturbing? What is inside the picture which makes Ryan Waller photos disturbing to sensitive people? 

Let’s find out what is inside Ryan Waller photos that makes it disturbing for some people to watch.

Ryan Waller Photos

Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan, were found by the police in their house. As per police, Ryan was shot in his head but surprisingly alive while his girlfriend, Heather Quan, was dead. 

In Ryan Waller photos, it can be seen that Ryan Waller’s left eye was injured when the robbers shot him twice in the head. 

Ryan Waller eye was completely finished, as it can be seen that a purplish color was formed around his left eye. When the robber shot him in the head, the bullet made its way through the eye and entered the brain. 

Ryan was alive after the incident, but he was blind for life. He was solely dependent on his family and used to suffer from seizures. 

Later, he couldn’t bear the seizures and died. Ryan Waller photos were released after the case was closed.

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