Samantha Guthrie Murder, Current Update & News

Samantha Guthrie Murder

18-year-old Samantha Guthries died in an abandoned drug house on Lillian Street in Akron on 4th November 2018. On 5th November 2018, Samantha’s parents received a call from the criminals, and they said their daughter had been shot in the house. 

Samantha’s parents went to the police station to submit their daughter’s missing report, and her father told them about the frightening call that they had received a few hours later. Their parents revealed that Samantha had been living with her father since she turned 18. 

She spent the most time with her friend, who was involved in inappropriate activities and struggled with drug addiction. Samantha’s death is a tragic reminder of the dangers of drug addiction and the need for more support for those struggling with this disease.

Samantha was considered athletic and known for their outgoing and outspoken personality. She spent most of her time at nightclubs and parties. Whenever her parents tried to stop her, she started to rebel and argue with her parents since she began to hang out with the wrong company and never listened to them. 

Her parents were really worried about her since she changed a lot and they didn’t want their daughter to end up like her friends. They wanted her to spend more time with family and less time with people who were a bad influence on her.

Unfortunately, Samantha started partying more and more and distanced herself from her family. Her parents eventually stopped trying to talk to her since it seemed like nothing they said got through to her. They just hoped that she would eventually realize that she was going down the wrong path before it was too late.

The Phone Call 

Some days later, Samantha’s parents received a mysterious call stating that she had been shot and her body was placed in the trunk of a car.

The caller told Samantha’s father to send an Uber to a home on Lillian Street. Samantha’s father knew that she had reached the home around 2 or 3 am but she never returned.

Joni Jackson, Samantha’s mother, gave police a description of her daughter which helped investigators find her body quickly. 

Samantha was 5’5 inches tall with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a butterfly tattoo on her hand. Police are still investigating the case and no arrests have been made at this time.

Police had been investigating her since her parents received a frightening call from the mysterious person. After two days, investigators found Samantha’s body about 9 miles away in a wooded area of Rex Hill Road in New Franklin. 

Samatha’s father doubts his niece Hailee, and police contacted her multiple times but she did not receive their calls later they failed to find any evidence against her but they achieved success to contact Marshall, who had witnessed the shooting. 

Witness Marshall’s Statement

Police were called to speak with Marshall regarding the murder of Samantha. He explained that he had been hanging out with her the night she was killed. She had been trying to get a ride home for a few hours, but when no one came to pick her up, he offered to drive her. 

He said that everything was normal until Danny Hamby and his friends arrived. Samantha seemed upset by their presence and wanted to leave, but instead of going out the back door as Marshall told her to, she went downstairs into the basement. 

That is the last time he saw her alive. His story helped police piece together what happened that night and ultimately led to the arrest of Danny Hamby for Samantha’s murder.

Danny was driving the car and Yoshi cleaned all the blood off Samantha. At the end of the statement, Danny said he was too frightened at that time and upset about what had happened.

He did not know why they had started an argument, but all these scenes seem very scary. That is why he did not feel safe from them.

Yoshi might have been cleaning up because he didn’t want Danny to see the bloody mess, or he might have been trying to remove any evidence that could be used against them. Either way, it’s clear that the situation was very tense and dangerous.

The Suspect

On Wednesday morning, the three suspects in the murder of young Samantha Guthrie were sentenced. The men – aged 21, 22, and 23 – and the woman – aged 19 – were found guilty of shooting the girl in the head and killing her.

Two of the suspects expressed remorse for their role in the murder, while the other two showed no emotion. The sentencing marks the end of a long and difficult investigation for the detectives involved. It is hoped that this will bring some measure of closure to the Guthrie family.

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