Samantha Koenig Ransom Photo – Absurd Portrayal Of A Dead Woman

Samantha Koenig ransom photo

Samantha Koenig’s ransom photo is the definition of gruesome and horrifying. The graphics of the photo are spine-chilling, to say the least. 

Samantha Koenig was the last target of serial killer Israel Keyes. The poor girl was just 18 years old when she was abducted and brutally murdered by her kidnapper.

Samantha was kidnapped on February 1st, 2012, from a coffee shop where she worked as a barista in Anchorage, Alaska. 

That night, just before 8 p.m., she walked up to the window, pointed a gun at her, told her it was a robbery, and ordered her to turn off the lights.

The moment she did, according to The New York Post, he tied her hands, jumped through the window, stuffed her mouth with napkins, and forced her out of the coffee stand and into his pickup truck. 

Then, he drove her to his house, telling her he only wanted to hold her for ransom. But it was all a lie as the poor girl met her life’s worst nightmare. 

When Keyes took Koenig’s debit card and cell phone, he didn’t need or want her alive anymore. Around 2 AM, he finally took her from his truck and moved her to his tool shed, where he tied her up by the neck.

Keyes lived in Anchorage with his 10-year-old daughter and his girlfriend, Kimberly. After moving Koenig to the tool shed, Keyes checked up on his daughter and girlfriend.

Keyes sat in front of Koenig, drinking, and told her how he would rape and murder her by strangling her with the rope he had tied around her neck. 

He did what he said. He left Koenig’s body in the shed, returned to his house, and packed his bags.

At 5 AM sharp, he called a cab to the airport to fly to New Orleans for a two-week Caribbean cruise he’d planned with his family.

How Keyes took Samantha Koenig’s ransom photo

When Keyes returned from his trip, he retrieved Koenig’s body, which had been frozen since his departure. He then groomed and organized the body to give the impression that she was still alive.

He stitched her eyes open, sat her up, and took a polaroid of her with a four-day-old copy of the Anchorage Daily Newspaper.

He then forwarded this photograph to Koenig’s family, requesting $30,000 to be sent into her account. By then, Keyes had already gotten his hands on her debit card, and Samantha’s family complied with the request. 

Because of these horrid details, he was called a “cold-blooded serial killer” who had no remorse.

  • People swear up and down this picture is a recreation, but for some reason my gut tells me we’re looking at someone who is no longer alive. Also, I’ve heard this very picture was seen in the FBI interrogation videos, when the had pictures laid out on the table. Look at her eyes…who would go through so much trouble to recreate that, and why to that extent? I might be wrong, probably am, but I always felt this photo is real and the FBI put that rumor out to save Samantha and the family some dignity.

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