Sarah Goode Missing: The Disappearance Of A Young Mother

Sarah Goode Missing The Disappearance Of A Young Mother

Sarah Goode missing place took place on June 6, 2014. She, a 21-year-old single mother, went out for a night with friends and didn’t return. 

Her disappearance sparked a week-long search by her large family in Mastick, New York, and an intense investigation by police. 

Four men in her life came under scrutiny, and an ominous bloody handprint found on the hood of her car heightened the sense of danger in the case. 

After days of searching, Goode’s body was found in a wooded area, igniting a tragedy that took years to unfold.

What is the story of Sarah Goode?

As the youngest of nine siblings, Sarah Goode had grown up with a supportive family that helped her overcome challenges. 

She became a mother to Jocelyn at age 17 and juggled school and work to build a better life for her daughter. 

Goode’s aspirations led her to graduate from high school and college and become a medical technician.

On June 6, 2014, Goode left her young daughter with her brother-in-law, Nick Giannetto, and went out for a casual night with friends. 

She met up with Jason Flores, a childhood friend she had reconnected with, and Brandon Allen, a close friend of Flores’. 

They went to a small gathering for about 45 minutes before going to Allen’s house to watch a movie.

Flores claimed that Goode had dropped him off at his house and headed home herself, but she never made it.

Investigation into Sarah Goode Missing Case

As news of Sarah Goode’s missing case spread, police launched an investigation into the four men in her life: 

Flores, Allen, Giannetto, and D.J. Watters, her ex-boyfriend. Watters and his mother had reportedly threatened Goode.

Causing her concern, an anonymous tip led investigators to suspect him as a possible suspect. Flores and Allen.

The last two men known to have seen her alive voluntarily submitted their DNA and palm prints for testing.

Giannetto also cooperated with the investigation.

Where did they find Sarah Goode?

However, discovering Goode’s body in the woods provided a crucial lead in the study. 

She disappeared in her hometown of Mastick, New York, and was found dead in a wooded area near her home. 

Her body had been stripped of clothing and left in a thicket, indicating a violent end to her life.

The discovery of a bloody handprint on the hood of her BMW added to the sense of tragedy and raised hopes of finding the perpetrator.

The local police department, the Suffolk County Police Department, and the FBI collaborated to collect evidence from the scene and identify the killer. 

They used advanced forensic techniques to link Goode’s murder to Dante Taylor, a convicted felon who lived in the area.

What did Dante Taylor do to Sarah Goode?

Dante Taylor was charged with rape and murder in the first degree for his actions against Sarah Goode. 

According to the evidence presented at trial, he attacked her in a rage after she refused his sexual advances. 

He strangled and sexually assaulted her before dumping her body in the woods. 

The autopsy showed that she had fought for her life and sustained injuries that indicated that she had been hit with an object.

Taylor was convicted in 2016 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

However, his life did not end there. In 2020, Taylor committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell, leaving a note that admitted to killing Goode and expressing remorse for his actions. 

The revelation brought some closure to Goode’s family, who had been seeking justice for their beloved sister and daughter for years.

The case of Sarah Goode’s disappearance and murder is a tragedy that shook the community of Mastick and left her family in mourning for years. 

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