Sarah Jurree’s Journey Into X-Rated Content

Sarah Jurree, a 41-year-old former fifth-grade instructor from Indiana, may have been fired from her job at the Starbase science academy in South Bend for posing nude on OnlyFans, but that hasn't stopped her from using her classroom experience to make a profit.

Sarah Jurree

The blond single mom and former teacher of 20 years go by the OnlyFans name Sarah Juree and has already made a small fortune off her X-rated material, cashing in on fans’ fantasies of a private after-school session with their favorite teacher.

Seales says she makes money through exclusive report cards where she rates admirers’ manhood and gives out “Miss Sarah” stickers to loyal fans.

She also sells nude photos and explicit videos behind a paywall, video chats, and panties. In her first month, Seales raked in $17,000 and earned a total of $58,000 within six months – more than double her annual teacher salary.

The ex-teacher said she initially decided to dive into X-rated content to emulate a successful friend on the site, raking in $10,000 in just one month.

“I tried it out during the summer vacation and within a few days my photos were copied and sent to my employer,” she said. “I was sent a termination letter, and my 20-year teaching career – and primary source of income – swiftly ended.”

Seales has managed to make quite a fortune off her risqué content, having made up to $17,000 in her first month after being fired and earning total of $75,000 over the following six months.

She often promotes her page on social media sites like Facebook in order to increase acclaim for her work but notes that even with high earning months ranging between $3,000 and $10,000 there is still much hard work that goes into creating this type of content.

Though she says she misses introducing kids in the federally funded Starbase science academy to STEM opportunities, Seales stands firm that her decision to pursue X-rated content was worth it.

Struggling to make ends meet as a teacher, Sarah Seales from Indiana found herself working side jobs such as teaching group exercise classes, Keto nutrition coaching, tutoring kids, and selling teeth whitening and merchandise in order to provide for her family.

“I felt constantly stretched and overwhelmed with trying so hard that I’d often cry in the bathtub at night. My kids started calling me ‘sad mommy,’” Seales lamented, noting that when inflation went sky high, with gas prices soaring and grocery bills doubling, she felt further financially desperate.

By taking up OnlyFans however, Seales has been able to find financial abundance. Fans pay $9.99 a month to access her content and while the former teacher works all day responding to messages from fans, shooting and editing content, promoting her page on social media sites and handling all admin work herself; it’s come at a cost.

The ex-teacher said she’s dealt with internet trolls who’ve tried to humiliate and body-shame her for taking the path of X-rated material but instead of letting their words break her spirit she’s worked hard at building up her confidence.

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