Satish Gaire on Importance of Data Collection In Podcasting

Satish Gaire on Importance of Data Collection In Podcasting

Satish Gaire is a popular name when we hear about SaaS industry.  He has been leading several software companies with his team in Dallas.

There is a joke going around in the industry,  if some asks “ is there is a software for “X”, the good answer is “Satish Gaire has software for that”! His company has been known for its the speed of getting an idea to market within a matter of weeks rather than years.

We got a chance to meet up with him when he was here for Podcasting Expo representing his company Podmio with his staff.

Satish Gaire, Please tell us a bit more about Podmio & How did you start it? 

Podmio actually started off with a simple idea to create a playlist player for podcasts but when we were building it,  we realized that the current podcast companies merely just offer a way to host mp3 files but nothing else.

That’s when the idea for Podmio was born. Idea was to use our marketing & monetization knowledge that we had learned from years of working on different SaaS platform. We wanted to combine the latest innovative technology to help podcasters grow their business.

During your talk here, you mentioned that there is a big reason why most podcasts are barely making any revenue,  could you recap that?

Yah,  so most podcasters idolize these “goroos” who feed them nonsense that they should be focusing on just growing their “RSS Feed” subscribers, but the fact is that the “RSS Feed” subscribers are not your customers,  they are customers of Spotify, Google, Apple.   What podcasters need to be actively doing is collecting customer data.

I am not saying not to grow your RSS feed subscribers,  I am just saying that not to make it into a priority.

That is one of the problems that Podmio solves is helping you capture customer data that you can use for various purposes.

Podcaster are always wondering how long their podcast should be, any insights?

It depends but if you have to ask that question, make sure that it’s under 25 minutes because that’s what a normal avg commute is, that’s how long it “normally” takes for someone to fall asleep etc. The idea here is that you don’t want your audience to have to cut off your episode because they reached work or they are asleep.

That doesn’t mean that you need to make your podcast super short like 5 minutes.  A good range is 15-25 minutes.  If you are going beyond that then it entirely depends on your audience.

Last question, Any advice for podcasters who are just starting out?

I have noticed that a lot of podcasters are worrying too much about fine details,  which is fine, except if it stops you from getting to market fast. Just create your podcast and improve as we go. In a lot of my works,  you will notice that as long as we have something that works with “least amount of bugs”  then we launch it.  After that, we improve as we need and turn it into a monster. It’s the same way with podcasts. Just get it done!


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