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There’s no doubt that in today’s world, social media has become a necessity for us. Big social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter have evolved so much that everywhere we go, we carry them with us in our pockets in the form of mobile applications. But do these apps offer user privacy? We don’t think so. According to research, most social media apps use information from user activity on these platforms to target you with ads. While their intention might not be wrong, it is certainly a threat to the users’ privacy – which is wrong. 

As users are becoming more aware of this, they are looking for alternatives with complete user privacy – and Sayches is here to end that search once and for all.

About Sayches and Its Latest Venture

Sayches is a London-based IT company that is on a mission “to make the Internet a better place for everyone by upholding our human rights to privacy, anonymity, and transparency without any compromises.” Founded a year ago, Sayches’ main focus is on protecting user privacy on the web. Sayches is currently involved in exploring ideas and building a cluster of new products and services for users to enjoy knowing that the company is here to protect their data and privacy.

In December 2020, the company was quite successful in creating disruption across multiple social media platforms by announcing its latest innovation, i.e., a social media platform. Through this platform, Sayches aims to empower users to express their thoughts while offering complete user privacy.

The team at Sayches believes that the invasion of privacy in the online world and the inability to exercise free rein when using the Internet is the cause of tremendous anxiety in users right now – and we agree with them. A few days ago, we witnessed how WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy caused an uproar in customers, with many of them shifting to more-private alternatives like Signal and Telegram. 

In the same way, users are worried about their safety on other platforms as well such as Facebook. Hence, Sayches came up with the idea to develop a social media platform that alleviates these stresses by offering users optimum privacy and the opportunity to communicate and share opinions without fear of being tracked down the line. As one of the company’s social media account describes it, “Whether you just want to post a funny one-liner or want to discuss current affairs, Sayches will be the platform to do so with complete privacy and data protection.” 

Although the details about the features and user interface of this social media platform by Sayches have not been unveiled yet, the company has revealed some features of the platform pertaining to user privacy. Firstly, the platform will have an open-source mobile application with the server located outside the Nine-Eyes countries. Moreover, it will have a short and clear privacy policy, and there will be no KYC or targeted ads. This means the platform will not require a real phone number or information to sign up. Also, the primary payment method will be Bitcoin to ensure complete discretion. Sayches will also have its own onion address to further anonymity.

The Official Brand Mascot

A few days ago, Sayches also revealed the official brand mascot for its venture. The mascot features a hybrid of an elephant and a fish. When talking about this, the company’s spokesperson said, “It is easy to catch a fish, but it is hard to hunt an elephant. So, we formed a hybrid animal by providing it with the energy level of the elephant to that of a weaker organism. In This way, Sayches will be able to fight major threats that come its way, and it aspires to nullify.” 

The launch of this platform by Sayches is scheduled for June 2021, but in the meantime, the company has launched a game called Angry Fish to keep its target audience engaged. As the suggests, the game is based on an angry fish fighting the greedy privacy invaders by throwing bubbles at them. Although the game is not the primary source of revenue for Sayches, the company aims to create awareness through it. Angry Fish is available on both iOS and Google Play Store.

Sayches aims to become the symbol of digital privacy, and for this reason, the company is also planning to launch exclusive merchandise featuring its brand mascot. “As another revenue stream, our Elephant-Fish mascot will be used to create unique merchandising products. We will make an investment in the company to create a distinctive, elegant, and appealing brand, as we want to create Sayches a symbol and a sign of digital privacy”, describes the start-up.

Introducing a new social media service when the industry is already flooded with them may seem pointless, but in reality, it’s exactly what users need right now as other social media platforms become increasingly public, and hence, unsafe. Although Sayches will be standing against some of the giants in this industry, the company is confident that this platform will be a huge success amongst social media enthusiasts due to its user data protection feature.

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