Scott Dunn Murder – His Remains Were Preserved By Killers

Scott Dunn murder

On the evening of May 13, 1991, Scott attended a party at one of his friend’s homes and became very ill to the point where he was too weak even to return home. 

His girlfriend, Leisha Hamilton, came to pick him up the following day and noted that he could not stand or walk without support. 

By Monday, Scott was strong enough to return to work but did not return home after being picked up by his friends.

Leisha noticed this when she returned home from work later in the day and subsequently reported Scott missing.

Leisha contacted Jim Dunn, Scott’s father, in Pennsylvania two days after his disappearance.

She shared with Jim the shocking news that she was Scott’s live-in girlfriend, something he had not been aware of. 

Reluctantly but still determined to find his son, Jim decided to take matters into his own hands and contact the Lubbock police to file a missing person report. 

He feared for Scott’s safety and felt it appropriate to involve law enforcement in order to help locate him and ensure his well-being.

A disturbing murder scene 

When the police arrived at Scott and Leisha’s apartment, they noticed a missing piece of carpet in the living room.

Upon further investigation of Scott’s bedroom, the missing piece was found duct-taped to a piece of carpet already there. 

Along the seem, bright rusty-colored stains were evident that were confirmed to be blood.

In addition, underneath this area of carpeting, padding with a large stain was also discovered, which had seeped through to the concrete below. 

Additionally, it seemed that an effort had been made to clean off any evidence from the baseboard near the wall.

The investigators used luminol to test the room and were shocked to see that it lit up like a Christmas tree.

It was increasingly obvious that Scott had suffered from a very violent attack; thus, they ruled out the possibility of his disappearance being a drug-related payback.

Evidence suggested that the incident was much more personal in nature, as Scott had no previous criminal records beyond a single arrest for possession of cocaine.

Evidence from the live-in girlfriend 

Leisha’s palpable frustration was highly evident in her conversations with Jim, as she made it clear she was unwilling to wait for the car Scott had promised her for her assistance in the case. 

To further emphasize Leisha’s impatience, the police’s investigation revealed a track record of convictions from New Mexico for embezzlement, indicating an affinity for disregarding the law. 

Whenever the talk shifted to potential offenders, Leisha brought up one individual in particular – Tim Smith – who had been living near their home and showing strong feelings toward her during their relationship

Although Jim did not provide any crucial evidence concerning Tim’s involvement, he could feel Leisha’s apprehension rise when his name was brought into the conversation.


The tragic case of the Dunn family and their son Scott has been an unfortunate example of a heinous crime. 

Although there was a resolution, it was only after an extensive law enforcement investigation that was further delayed by the defendants’ unwillingness to accept responsibility or come forward with crucial information. 

The claims that both Tim and Leisha were involved in Scott’s death ring true, with Tim being observed as complicit in Leisha’s obsession to harm Scott. 

To add insult to injury, this deeply grieving family had to endure the added burden of Leisha masquerading as someone who didn’t know what happened to Scott, continuing to contact Jim with her malicious intent even after committing her vile act. 

With justice served, they can now begin the process of rectifying the profound suffering they have endured at the hands of these criminals.

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