How Semrush Will Be The Unstoppable Training Tool After Acquiring Backlinko 

Semrush Will Be The Unstoppable Training Tool After Acquiring Backlinko 

Semrush, the online marketing visibility management, and content marketing firm, announced it had acquired the Search Engine Optimization platform, Backlinko on January 19. 2022

Semrush has recently upped its commitment to inspire the older and newer generation of digital marketers, and acquiring Backlinko is the first of many steps the company hopes to take to provide world-class training in digital marketing.

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is a digital marketing software that provides marketing professionals with the ability to build, measure, and manage their campaigns to improve visibility across the board.

In today’s digital age, it is imperative to ensure that marketers have enough reach on the Internet for their platforms to be widely available to consumers.

The research software primarily focuses on SEO campaigns, and the all-in-one program is geared towards identifying trends that crop up within that industry.

Semrush audits a firm’s SEO to search for keywords the competition uses and decipher which ones yield the most results online, providing insight into how to rank amongst the competition.

Other notable features of the program include content marketing, rank tracking, social media management, content marketing analysis, and PPC keyword research – all critical components of improving visibility.

Backlinko, Explained

Working in a similar vein, Backlinko creator Brian Dean had one aim in mind, explaining:

“This blog is where I show you the exact tips, strategies, and techniques you need to get higher rankings. No fluff or “high-level” advice. Just insanely actionable advice that works.”

Dean’s blog aims to provide specialist advice to budding entrepreneurs, using his own experience to offer insight into how to boost SEO and rank amongst other players in the field.

The blog and Youtube channel offer a training program known as ‘SEO that works’ consisting of five key modules to guarantee success.

How The Acquisition Will Be Beneficial

In a press release issued by Semrush’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Warden, after news of the acquisition, Semrush stated:

“Brian Dean is considered one of the top digital marketing professionals , and we are thrilled to bring him and his team into the Semrush family. Together with our own Semrush Academy, we now offer one of the most robust digital marketing and SEO training resources on the web.”

The software company also added:

“Digital Marketing expertise continues to be in strong demand for virtually every business, and we know our customers are constantly seeking high quality education to upskill. We are a company for marketers, by marketers and we want to help those in our community be the best digital marketers they can be.”

Both parties hope that their collective teaching tools will coincide to form the biggest online SEO training platform the Internet offers.

While both Semrush and Backlinko specialize in similar techniques, this partnership is set to enhance the experience of learning about actionable content, training, and social media skills.

Together, Dean and Semrush will develop educational resources that feature video and text-based tools to assist companies and entrepreneurs.