Shalini Sankar, India's Top 25 Influential women

Shalini Sankar, India’s Top 25 Influential women

An exclusive interview with Shalini Sankar, India’s Top 25 Influential women (Recognized by the CEO magazine earlier on). Shalini is currently serving as a Vice president of Laqshya Media Group.

Tell us about yourself:

Being a pampered child, I never thought to stand up and do something for self. One day I started thinking about my value as an individual and my purpose of spending years and years of my life.

The urge of making my value, utilizing my education and setting a career evoked in my mind, and I gathered all my potential to set milestones.

So my life story spans from giving up my dreams due to circumstances, to creating a success story by fighting those circumstances, and to where I am today, a successful professional, who has multiple businesses running and has been recognized for her various skills and achievements. I am counted among 25 influential women of India by The Ceo Magazine who have emerged as successful entrepreneurs.

How you came across the idea that you can inspire and motivate other people?

From my life journey, I got to know that “Humans are Habitual of Living” and never leave their comfort zone until they are pushed. The realization that there must be so many like me out there who would need a person to tell them to try and strive to push beyond their limits, to accept their failures and get back up and run again, and that is the reason I am there for those who are looking for that extra push from a mentor, or getting inspired by.

Only you can make or break thy success, and so 75% of the effort has to be from the individual, and the 25% I put in would help them to run that last mile to achieve their goal probably!!

What were the hurdles in your life to achieve what you had dreamt of?

They were not hurdles; rather I would call them challenges. It was my way of living life by just handling home chaos not putting efforts in any other thing. I had started my professional career pretty late in my life, about ten years after completion of my MBA, but I made sure that I would put double the effort and cover that gap up in the next ten years. So my challenge was time and managing my family, husband’s business and at the same time while building a career of my own.

Shalini Sankar

How you enjoy your life and what is the perception of enjoyment or happiness for you?

Maybe at work, I crack a big deal, going for a movie, fun at a carnival with my kids, or dinner with my husband, even just listening to music and going out for a walk, all these events bring happiness to me, so they are a source of enjoyment.

What do you love about opposite gender or what appeals you most about the opposite gender?

Well, I would have to say Chivalry is one of the main things that is essential in a man and is admirable. Also, the constant need for a man to support the women that they are associated with is something that will always remain a mystery to me (on the lighter side). I like the men who know how to treat a woman like a lady. The mental agility that men show is something very different.

Book you are currently reading and the books you liked most and why?

My preference for reading is a little different than usual. I read blogs on LinkedIn and other social platforms because they include content based on the personal experiences, how they handled a particular situation or overcame the challenges they faced in their professional journey. Earlier, I used to read a lot of fiction-based books though!! ‘2 States’ is a favorite book of mine as well, as I can relate to it because I am a North Indian who has married a South Indian.

What would you be if you won’t have been what you are today?

Maybe, I would have been an Actress or a Model because I do have a persona that enjoys being on stage or in front of the camera, and am good at it as well.

What kind of movies do you like? Favorite movie actors/actresses, favorite character and why?

I love movies based on history, wars, suspense, and romance. The whole James Bond Series is my favorite. My all-time favorite actor is Tom Cruise, and I loved the movie ‘Top Gun.’ In Bollywood, I like Aamir Khan, and I don’t miss out on any of his movies. They are all legendary, the recent one being ‘Dangal’ which gives us so much to take home, and is a must-watch.

Mention anything that can express you as a person.

Well, I am one who is emotional, yet a happy-go-lucky person, who loves meeting new people and interacting with them. I am an extrovert, a dreamer, and a go-getter, who is always ready and excited to try new things.

Any piece of advice for people who are reading your story?

Do create professional milestones if that is your mantra of success, as everyone’s mantra is different, for some it is money, for others; it is doing social service, so figure out what gives you happiness and choose that. At the same time, create several memories along the way, you should always have a bag full of memories that you can reminisce when you grow old and smile thinking about all the fun times you had in life!!

How people should connect with you?

People can connect me with Linkedin and Email

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