Shannon Epstein Photo – Chris Christie’s Niece Detained At Airport

Shannon Epstein photo

Shannon Epstein photo has been circulating on the internet since the authorities detained her at the airport. 

Shannon Epstein, the 25-year-old niece of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R), was detained on November 24 at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans following her deplaning in a highly charged, violent incident. 

According to the Times-Picayune, Epstein asked a family on her trip who she thought might be Latino if they were “smuggling cocaine.”

She had been kicked off an airplane for asking passengers who appeared to be Latino whether they were drug mules.

On November 24 at around 6 a.m., Shannon Epstein, 25, reportedly inquired of a nearby family she thought to be Latino whether they were “smuggling cocaine” before boarding the Spirit Airlines aircraft to New Jersey.

She grew “increasingly agitated,” The issue worsened at the airport when airline staff decided to take her off the aircraft, and the jet returned to the gate.

When deputies tried to arrest Epstein at the airport, she fought back. The Times-Picayune reports: ”In the scuffle, she injured six deputies, biting one of the arms and breaking the skin, and kicking another in the groin,” Rivarde said. ”They were treated there by paramedics.’

Epstein boasted that she was related to influential people and that her uncle is a former President Donald Trump‘s friend while yelling that the deputies would lose their jobs or go to jail, according to Rivarde. Chris Christie did not respond to calls made to two of his phone numbers on Friday.

According to Rivarde, it took seven deputies to handcuff Epstein to a wheelchair so that she could be taken to the airport security office. He stated that she kept yelling obscenities and attempting to bite the deputies.

Epstein was detained at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on Thanksgiving day after being charged with six counts of violence on a police officer and posting a $10,750 bail. A federal court will probably hear the case next.

Criminal scandals are regular in the Christie family

Criminal scandals are nothing new to the Christie family.

In order to punish a mayor who refused to support his reelection campaign, Epstein’s uncle campaigned against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary before becoming friends with him for a number of years, famously shut down a New Jersey bridge during rush hour.

Following the former governor’s own departure from the race, Mr. Christie served as Mr. Trump’s campaign adviser in 2016.

Later, after the assault on the US Capitol in 2021, he backed the second impeachment of the president.

She is due in court on January 23. She was granted bail and released.

Chris Christie and Shannon Epstein couldn’t comment on Saturday night.

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