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Shattering Barriers

Simran Porwal is an accomplished producer who has worked on a number of notable promotional campaigns for big names such as Disney, Hulu, ABC, and more. Some of the projects she has worked on included Beauty and the Beast Live, American Idol, and The Bachelor.

Simran’s story is one that wouldn’t have existed if she hadn’t broken the societal barriers around her.

Unfortunately, she grew up in an abusive family where she and her mother were forced to keep quiet and blend into the background. 

On that note, she comments: “…I always struggled to find my voice. My existence seemed to hinge upon how much space I was allowed to occupy, which is what drew me to the world of storytelling.”

Movies and television were a way for her to “transport” into a different world that was much better than the one she lived in. 

At a young age, she started experimenting with making short documentaries on her Nokia phone for a non-profit organization. That experience opened her eyes to a whole new way of navigating the world. 

Simran explains: “I could not only use stories to escape but could also be in charge of what stories are told and highlighted by wielding the camera as my microphone. I could finally tell my own story, my mother’s story, and of all the ancestral women who were erased from history books.”

Despite wanting to pursue film, her family compelled her to attend an engineering prep high school in Mumbai. But her desire to produce and highlight narratives using her camera never wavered.

Wanting to study film in the U.S., she applied to multiple colleges. Though her family didn’t approve of her choice, she was accepted into a U.S. college and flew to Los Angeles to pursue her passion. 

Simran quickly made a name for herself in the film industry and was picked up by Disney to work on major production projects. She played critical leading roles on promotional campaigns for American Idol, Disney’s Pride PSA, The 95th Oscars, Dancing with the Stars, and many other high-profile projects.

One of the challenges she has had to overcome along her journey is not knowing how to authentically be herself due to all the trauma she had experienced earlier in life. In overcoming this challenge, she comments:

It took moving across continents for me to start challenging my ideas of humility, and I slowly began to deglamorize my low self-esteem by meeting other unapologetic women in entertainment who fearlessly took up space and challenged societal norms. Once I dipped my toes into the world of self-advocacy, my creativity and potential started manifesting in my art, work, and life in ways that I had not fathomed before.

One of her goals has been to create social impact content that resonates with people. She hopes to provide the same comfort, escape, and hope that she found in movies and television to others who feel confined in their realities. 

All in all, Simran Porwal’s journey is a story of breaking down societal barriers to become someone no one thought she could be – and someone this industry could never be the same without.