Shemar Moore Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizoon Announces Her Pregnancy 

Shemar Moore Girlfriend Jesiree

Shemar Moore Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizoon, is expecting a baby, as confirmed by her boyfriend. 

The actor from Criminal Minds informed his admirers by posting the cute video on Instagram. His followers didn’t take long to send him blessings for his child.

The star also disclosed the child’s gender and due date.

Shemar revealed he was expecting his first kid on January 9. He posted a video online and captioned it, ‘Mama’s smiling from Heaven. Miracles do occur. The BEST phase of my life is about to begin.’

Shemar emphasizes throughout the video the reasons why the day was so meaningful to him. ‘Today is the day,’ he declared.

‘You are aware of your boy’s butterflies. It’s a special day today. This is a historic day. Your boy Shemar Motherf-king Moore will discover today whether he will be a father to a boy or a girl.’

The actor also said that his mother is “still a part of us” as a respect to her. 

Shemar Moore claimed that three years after his mother passed away, he made one of her dreams come true by becoming a parent.

Shemar briefly expressed his enthusiasm about having a child in the video. He said that his only concern was to have a healthy child, regardless of whether he had a girl or a boy.

Jesiree expressed a similar sentiment. She acknowledged that having a son might be advantageous because things would be a little simpler.

She said to the camera, ‘I honestly just want whatever is healthy, happy like saying ten fingers, ten toes. It will be fantastic, and I’m just so eager for this part of our lives together.’

However, Jesiree also appeared content with the thought of having a daughter.

The couple would have a baby girl, according to a helicopter that sprayed pink into the air above the enormous party, which included lots of balloons and teddy bears.

It’s unclear how long the two have been dating, but they are currently ready to welcome a baby girl into their life. 

Who is Jesiree, Shemar Moore’s girlfriend?

Jesiree is not only an actor but also a model. The Netflix original series Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love and the 2018 film Solver include Shemar’s new love.

She has participated in numerous photo projects while working as a model. 

Jesiree already has two children from prior relationships: daughter Charli, 5, and son Kaiden, 16 years old.

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