Shyheim Jenkins: Bio, Parents, Career & Controversies 

Shyheim Jenkins

The rapper, songwriter, and actor Jeezy fully Jay Wayne Jenkins and one of his ex-partners are the parents of Shyheim Jenkins. Jeezy, the father of Shyheim, is well known for his songs Put On, All There, Soul Survivor, Seen It All, and other hits.

Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 by Jeezy debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in 2005 and was eventually certified platinum. Shyheim, Jay’s second kid and unlike other of his siblings and father, receives little media attention. Furthermore, he seldom ever posts anything on social media.

Even Jeezy doesn’t appear to enjoy discussing his son Shyheim all that much. So figure out why the star child is so obscure. Scroll through Shyheim’s life as Jeezy’s son as well. Learn the answers to topics like how the man formerly known as Young Jeezy brought up his child, whether or not he shares his love in music, what he is working on now, and information about his mother.

Shyheim Jenkins’ Biological Mother

The identity of Shyheim’s biological mother is not explicitly stated. In actuality, Jeezy has been pondering these and other puzzles for a very long time.

But according to sources, Tenesha Dykes is the mother of both Shyheim and his older brother Jadarius. Shyheim, the singer Put One’s second child, was reportedly born between 1996 and 1999, according to TMZ.

What Does Shyheim Do For A Living?

Contrary to his older brother, father, and stepmother, Shyheim primarily leads a life in the background. He is similarly missing on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additionally, it has been some time since Jeezy was last spotted with his second child.

Whatever the reason may be, it is very clear from his less frequent camera time that Shyheim isn’t particularly interested in pursuing the public interest.

Shyheim Jenkins Older Brother Jadarius Clothing Line

Jadarius, Jenkins’ older sibling, is Jeezy’s only child. Tenesha Dykes, an entrepreneur and one of Jeezy’s former partners, was the mother of Jadarius.

Jadarius, Shyheim’s brother, is frequently confused with Lil’ Jezzy, a rapper from Columbia. However, unlike his father, Jadarius, a graduate of Georgia Riverwood Academy, appears to have his own clothing brand rather than being an artist.

Jadarius is not particularly noticeable on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, much like his younger brother.

Shyheim’s Relationship With His Siblings 

Shyheim has a younger half-sister named Amra Nor Jenkins who was born in February 2014 in addition to an older brother. Amra was born to Jeezy and musician Mahalet Gebregiorgis, another one of his ex-girlfriends.

While Jeezy, the father of Shyheim, is close to his daughter Amra, Mahi, Shyheim’s baby mother, is supposedly not as close to Jeezy as she should be. Shyheim shares a half-sister relationship with Monaco due to his father’s current relationship.

Through Jeezy’s relationship with his current wife, Jeannie Jenkins, the host of the talk show The Real, and other people, she was born in late December 2021.

Shyheim Jenkins Parents; How Many Relationships Did His Father Have?

The father of Shyheim, a rapper, has had several relationships over the years. In addition, he has sired a number of kids with them, including Shyheim. Although, as was already established, it’s unclear who the mothers of each of the children are.

Nevertheless, the singer had a negative relationship with each of them practically always. Even one of his baby mothers complained about him, claiming that he had neglected to make multiple child support payments. She also charged him with being a negligent father. However, Jeezy refuted the charges. Jeezy’s current spouse is the co-host of the reality discussion show The Real.

The couple started dating in Nov 2018 and got engaged in 2020. In a tiny ceremony on March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, they exchanged vows. Shyheim’s father and his new spouse welcomed their first kid, a daughter named Monaco Mai Jenkins, in January 2022, which was almost a year later.

Jeezy Once Assaulted One Of His Sons; Is He An Abusive Parent?

Jeezy was in the news back in September 2012 for reportedly beating one of his older children and even threatening to kill him.

Records from TMZ at the time revealed reports that the rapper, now 44, had a physical conflict with his kid sometime in September 2012. One of Jeezy’s sons allegedly banged his head after being thrown into a bathroom’s glass shower door, according to the magazine’s sources.

Old accounts claim that following this, the patriarch of the Jenkins family hit his son in the face, dragged him to the bedroom, and repeatedly beat him. Jeezy then declared that he was going to kill his child.

The R&B musician’s son said that his father told him:

“I will kill you. I will put a bullet in your head right now … If I could get away with it, I would kill you.”

According to Jeezy’s kid, he attempted to flee his father’s attack but was stopped by the South Carolina-born musician and his bodyguard on the stairway.

Jeezy’s children said that his father routinely beat and choked him. Despite all of this, it took the police more than a year to detain the father of the artist Shyheim. The court had issued an arrest warrant for him, and he supposedly turned himself in.

Jeezy’s bond was set at a sum equivalent to about $45,000 after his arrest. Jeezy was accused by the authorities of making terrorist threats against his own son as well as violence and false detention. Jeezy waited a while before making a comment. However, his attorney did assure the audience that the situation would be resolved on its own.

What Is The Actual Truth Behind The Beating?

Which son of Jeezy—Shyheim or his older brother, Jadarius Jenkins—really was the victim in all of this is still a mystery. Shyheim, Jeezy’s second child, was 13 years old at the time, while Jadarius was 17.

Back then, none of the sources made it clear which of Jeezy’s boys received the blow. According to rumors, Jadarius, the oldest, was 16 at the time. On the other hand, Jeezy’s second kid at the time of the incident, Shyheim, was 13 and thus a juvenile. A few months prior to the incident, he had posted a photo of his first son on Instagram with the caption: On the other hand.

Because of this, it is assumed that neither the media nor the police decided to announce whether he was the actual victim. Later, Jeezy claimed it was all a setup by his son’s mother and that he had never made such threats against his son.

Jeezy, who is currently 44 years old, acknowledged pushing his son but insisted that he never actually damaged him. It appears that the argument started because Jeezy was complaining that his child shouldn’t be a punk kid with attitude.

A few years later, one of Jeezy’s boys would get into another fight. Only this time, it was established that this boy was Jadarius, the eldest son of the USDA member.

To elaborate, it appears that the fight was quite serious. Shyheim’s brother then sustained a knife wound to the face during the argument. One of the males involved in the dispute also died as a result of the argument.

Jeezy Personally Did Not Want Shyheim To Pursue Music

Jeezy, who stands five feet nine inches tall, is one of the few renowned people who didn’t want their children to pursue careers similar to their own. The Ozone Awards winner gave All HipHop an interview in September 2014 during which he discussed why he didn’t want his boys to become musicians.

In truth, Jeezy was warning his son that pursuing music was no walk in the park, which is in part why relations between them deteriorated in 2012. The vocalist of Pressure reportedly said to his son during an interview,

‘This is no different than being in a Martin Luther King situation or Malcolm X. When you say these words, you have to stand on them.’

Jeezy also revealed at the time that he would definitely tell his sons if their pieces are not good and would never hesitate to give them an honest opinion about their songs.