Why Are Silento Leaked Photos Trending On Twitter?

Silento Leaked Photo

Silento leaked photos that have been trending on Twitter in which the rapper was rumored to have exposed his backside. 

The rapper was in the prime of his music career back in 2015 when he released the song ‘Watch Me,’ which gained around 1.8 billion views on Youtube. After that, the rapper returned to the spotlight in 2020 but not for his songs.

Several people reportedly claimed to have seen the explicit photo of the rapper Silento that has been making the rounds online. The photo’s origin and time are unknown, but it is claimed to depict the rapper showing off close-up, intimate parts of his backside. 

The identity of the rapper in the leaked photo has not been proven, and some people think it may be fake to bring attention to him since he was under the spotlight for his previous charges.

Other charges on Silento

During a weekend in September 2022, the rapper Silento, age 22, was detained twice, according to press reports. 

After a domestic assault report, the first arrest was made in Orange County. After being arrested, the rapper was later freed on bail. However, his legal issues did not end there.

Several days after this incident, the rapper was charged with breaking into a house in the San Fernando Valley while carrying a weapon, which various news reports have described as either a machete or a hatchet.

At that time, a woman and their children were in the house, and they were panicked and scared at the sight of him. The rapper was detained by police once they arrived on the scene, and he was taken into custody and charged with two counts of dangerous weapon assault.

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