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Silvia Lasmar Featured Graphic Designer And Visual Artist

Silvia Lasmar is an artist based in California whose work encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as production design, sculpting, painting, photography, graphic design, and more.

She has worked with filmmakers and a variety of companies to create meaningful pieces of artwork.

A lot of her work involves graphic design. She explains that her role is to: “create impactful connections between people and brands through very meaningful visual concepts.”

She goes on to say: “Through my work, I guarantee that brands have a consistent and recognizable expression, in a unique, sophisticated, cool way and taking into account the brand’s business objectives.”

She developed the visual identity for Luminex, an award-winning digital artwork exhibition.

Silvia’s work can also be seen on many different brands like the skin and wellness brand Good Faith or the soft drink brand Kombucha Organa.

She is also a visual artist covering multiple art disciplines, from sculpting to painting. On that note, Silvia comments:

As a visual artist, I believe that people interested in contemporary art, installations, and experimental videos would be curious to see my work. My installations focus on the tensions between perception, memory, and subjectivity and play with space, rhythm, and the physical and psychological orientation of the viewer.

One of her works, Disjunction, deals with rhythm and orientation where depending on the viewer’s perception, her work will change and exude themes of gravity, movement, opposites, and chaos.

Silvia has also directed some experimental films. One of her most well-known works was a film she made called “Ecdysis.”

Though short, the film is packed with meaning, from dealing with the mind-body duality that all humans experience and bringing to light both unconscious and conscious experiences that many faces.

When it comes to starting a new art project, Silvia often follows a different process depending on the needs of the project. However, she does do a lot of “field work” first.

She first immerses herself in the subject of the work. This can take many forms, but it may mean watching many films about the subject, talking with people, going to different locations, and so on.

In other words, she looks to gain inspiration and context and then uses what she learns to create something new and relevant.

Silvia’s work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, including the Hybrid Identities Experimental Films Exhibition in Almeria-Spain. Her work was also selected to be shown in the Contemporary Venice-It’s Liquid International Art Show in Venice-Italy.

With success comes many challenges. For Silvia, one of her biggest challenges was being a foreigner in California among many graphic design and visual art professionals.

To overcome this challenge, she made a point always to give her work her all, which involves taking the time to understand her client’s needs.

She explains: “…part of my job is also to clearly understand my client’s needs, research the market, understand the mission, brand values, and voice, before moving on to the visual identity project itself…”

For others wanting to follow a similar artistic path as Silvia, she gives the following advice: “Your visual identity doesn’t just need to be beautiful, but to have meaning, a clear and unique voice, that follows the strategies of a brand. This is my expertise.”

In the future, Silvia plans to grow her graphic design and branding studio and work on the most innovative and relevant projects.

All in all, Silvia Lasmar has been able to achieve excellence with her work. By being able to communicate deep ideas and meaningful stories, she has risen to the top of her craft and has seen her work featured on an international scale.

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