Simone Wu

Simone Wu, Digital Marketing Specialist

An interesting interview with Simone Wu who is a digital marketing enthusiast and currently working with CouponBirds. Let’s get to know more about her journey and experience.

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m Simone Wu, working in CouponBirds as the digital marketing manager. I spent my carefree childhood in a small town in Middle China, only felt life was hard failing the test in school or getting up late for an appointment. Majored in English and literature at university, I kept great interest in literature, especially in poems.

Working in CouponBirds is not just a job but also a great joy. Our mission is to help make online shopping more affordable, enhance consumer lives through savings. We always hear from our users about how they use our services doing something nice to their family and friends. It is just fantastic!

Constantly we helped more than 40 million users saved. I’m honored to serve the millions of online users who trust CouponBirds and thousands of merchants whom CouponBirds drives revenue for. Digital marketing team takes efforts to build a widely recognized brand awareness for CouponBirds.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

I think what makes CouponBirds stand out is our people. We have around 100 team members working in different cities. They are all young and passionate, working towards the same goal and determined to overcome a variety of obstacles and difficulties. We’ve built a highly transparent, inclusive and collaborative team culture along with CouponBirds rapid developing.

Tricia, COO of CouponBirds, is the mentor for operation team members. She always has a passion for mentoring new colleagues and assists them to pitch in quickly, helping each individual in the operation team to see their contribution to the company vision and strategy. Victor, the data scientist of CouponBirds, is managing the big data resource and output. Who can imagine that he was not major in computer science and technology in university? Self-learning ability and self-discipline cannot even speak little of him. He’s also helping folks understand how our work matters and supports the bigger picture. His achievements and intelligence inspired engineers to keep learning new techniques and working creatively. Those are just two examples. Surrounded by incredibly excellent people, CouponBirds is thriving to be the best online promotion platform.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

CouponBirds was launched in 2015. We have kept improving for four years. Till today, over 40 million online shoppers have used coupon service from CouponBirds. We committed to improve the accuracy and coverage of coupons and deals, optimize website page speed and provide quickest customer service from time to time. Hard working on coupon quality has witnessed a stable increase in the number of visitors as well as the revenue.

Simone Wu, Digital Marketing Specialist at CouponBirds

As for the coming years, CouponBirds aims to be the leading coupon platform in the intense competition. Our team has a clear understanding of what we should do. Keep the user experience at the center of our work and solve their problems is the core competitiveness for startups like us. In the next three years, we plan to make CouponBirds not only a great coupon aggregation platform but also the right place for shop and communication.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

I like reading poems, and I like Emily Dickinson’s Poems best, especially those she wrote after the forties. It was difficult to understand Emily Dickinson’s poems when I was a kid, but it was mysterious but enchanting knowing that she was a reclusive spinster who lived with her family, dressing in white and addressing visitors through a door rather face to face.

As growing up, I found that her poems could be interpreted in many ways. Had I not seen the sun, I could have borne the shade. But light a newer wilderness, my wilderness has made. I like the poem genre for being effective with words. Emily Dickison built out a sophisticated symbolic and spiritual structure across her work and had a remarkable command of language and prosody.

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She writes poems about flowers and gardens, life and death, pain and suffering. Many of her poems I cannot still understand even today, but with life moving on, they would always strike a chord with me here or there in my life.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Best purchase is a Collins English Dictionary that I bought when I was a student with my saved pocket money. I have a dictionary but after seeing my friend’s Collins dictionary, I found it was the English dictionary that I want. With abundant sample sentences, new words were explained in various contexts. It benefited my study a lot. I tried to read as much as I could, textbooks, newspapers, magazines and blogs. The dictionary was a powerful learning tool and it still is.

Worst purchase: Last month, I bought a neck and shoulder massage device recommended by a lifestyle blogger whom I’m following. I kept forgetting to take breaks during the day and thought a massager could alleviate the physical pressure. It was super expensive. After receiving the package, I couldn’t wait to take a try. You know what, it makes super big noises, almost sounds like the motorcycle engine was working. It’s absolute cannot be used in the office and doubt I will use it at home.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

CouponBirds is growing big and we need more talents joining us these years. We recruit newbies and interns among university graduates. Training and coaching them is another kind of fulfilling experience for us, so I got three humble advice for college students who want to become entrepreneurs.

  1. Try to work as a grown-up quickly and find what you are good at as early as possible.
  2. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” quote by Aristotle. The beginning of entrepreneurship could be tough and risky. Stick to what you believe is important and stay focused, things will get better.
  3. Find where your passion lays. People can tell if you don’t give a damn and they will begin not to trust you.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I would say it was Tricia who impressed me most. Tricia is the COO of CouponBirds. She leads CouponBirds’ account management, operations and monetization duties. without much rest time but always being vibrant and organized, her devotion and passion for work impressed me much.

Tricia joined in the very early stage of CouponBirds. Though playing in a leading role now, she kept challenging herself, learning, trying and breaking boundaries. The team began from a few people to today’s more than 60 people led by Tricia. She is always passionate about mentoring and coaching new people to the workplacet,helping them solve all kinds of problems at work as well as in life. For me, she is a supportive, open-minded and respectful leader, and she was the one encouraged me to speak my mind, nudged me to take on new challenges, and trust me with more responsibility even before I knew I was ready.

Tell us about something you are proud of – about your greatest challenge.

The greatest challenge for me, also for everyone from startup companies is building brand awareness from zero. Our team put most effort and resources in improving CouponBirds platform and guarantee the best coupon accuracy and user experience before.  However, letting more people know and trust CouponBirds and find news ways for substantial developing in the near future is urgent and vital.

After joining CouponBirds, I and my team focus on building CouponBirds branding globally by continuously sending messages about progress CouponBirds have made on expanding cooperation and merchandising, through multiple public relation newswire channels. Social campaign and SEO are also powerful methodologies in terms of effects magnifying and new customers acquisition. Google and Facebook ads campaigns made good ways of helping CouponBirds reach more global users.

What I’m proud of is that through our work, we have made great progress in being recognized as expertise, authoritative and trustworthy platform for online shoppers and retailers.

How people should connect with you?

Pleas connect me by email


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