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Aslan Rahman’s Journey

Aslan Rahman owns multiple businesses with his coaching businesses reaching six figures in just the first year.

His success as a business owner at such a young age can be attributed to his emphasis on having the right mentors and his hard work ethic. 

Since Aslan was 12 years old, he was raised by a single father. Before Aslan was born, his father moved around a lot from Afghanistan to Russia, and then to the UK. It was in the UK that he put down roots and was able to provide Aslan a relatively normal life from then forward.

Aslan first got his taste for entrepreneurism at the age of 16 when he decided to sell sandwiches and baguettes at school.

However, he decided that he wanted a stable career and so he applied to medical school. Commenting on this, he explains: “…I was a good worker and honestly just wanted a stable career with decent pay.”

He still had an interest in entrepreneurship and would attend business events across the UK. At those events, he would meet countless self-made millionaires in different industries. This struck Aslan so much so that he decided to delay going to university.

He explains: “I was honestly shocked and realized how much opportunity there was in earning an income without needing a degree; I immediately called my university and told them I wanted a one-year break (gap year) before starting my degree.”

While on his gap year, he started his first company at just 18 years old. He entered into the property management and property deal selling industry and started leasing large houses from landlords only to turn around and lease it out to others as a co-living situation.

The money he earned not only paid for his lease, but he also made a decent profit on the side. On top of that, he would also sell these property deals that he found to investors.

He was able to scale his company to around $286,000 in revenue with net profits of about $80,000, which ended up being a 28% profit margin. By then, he was 20 years old.

At the same time, he started studying to become a doctor, but, since he was already making the same amount of money as the average UK doctor, he decided to drop out of university and work full-time as an entrepreneur.

After making about $11,000 a month, he decided to enter the online coaching industry. He started coaching other entrepreneurs on how to scale their own property businesses.

In just 12 months, he made over $164,366 in profit from his coaching business alone. This brings us to the present where 21 year old Aslan is currently looking to coach other consultants, coaches, and course creators on how to land “high-ticket” clients.

While Aslan is a relatively young entrepreneur, he has seen his fair share of struggles. Back when he was starting his property business, he had no finances in which to purchase leases. But, that didn’t stop him. He decided to take on investors and he managed to raise around $24,000 to finance his business.

He realized that he needed advice and knowledge if he was going to succeed. He also learned the hard way of how damaging bad advice can be. So, he made it a point to have multiple wise mentors that would help guide him along the way.

He was able to find quality mentors by going to entrepreneurial and business events and connecting with like-minded individuals who had more experience than he did. 

Another obstacle Aslan had to overcome was the fear of making the right decision for the direction of his life. After all, he had a promising 6-figure career in the medical field just waiting for him. 

However, he decided to invest in himself instead and, as a result, has made more profits from his businesses than he ever thought was possible.

His advice to other entrepreneurs is to start a coaching business. He explains: “Everyone has a life skill or struggle they’ve overcome that they can teach other people online about—the best 1st business to start is selling your knowledge.”

He goes on to say that it is critical to overcome your fear of risk. After doing so, the possibilities are endless and there is no ceiling to earnings in the entrepreneurial world. It is up to you on how much you want to earn as long as you are willing to put in the work.

For the future, Aslan’s sight is set on scaling his coaching business to the seven-figure level by the time he’s 23. He has a passion for teaching and plans to do more of it in the future and help others follow a similar entrepreneurial path.

All in all, Aslan Rahman is a great example of what a hard work ethic combined with the right direction can produce. His emphasis on having quality mentors and his willingness to accept risk and pursue an uncharted path has led to his tremendous success. 

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