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Ten Small Businesses To Ride Now With Little Money

There are a lot of business ideas but they do require lots of money to start. I am solving your startup business investment issue here in this article, I will discuss 10 businesses which don’t need more than 3000 Euros. That means you can start a quick business with very less investment.

Outsourcing of services:

Cost savings and flexibility are the main advantages for which companies decide to outsource. And in this effort to control costs, companies choose to outsource different areas of business. Currently, demand reaches practically all areas -except those that are sensitive to each company.

Headhunters and personnel management:

Now is a good time to become a head hunter specialized in managing the search and placement of profiles of highly qualified professionals.

Professional training:

Many of the professionals who, unfortunately, have been an unemployed need to go through retraining courses to be able to assault the new labor market with guarantees. A business opportunity is to set up a company specialized in the design of training programs on real demands of specific professional profiles.

Business centers for self-employed:

Many unemployed professionals are opting to capitalize on the unemployment subsidy to start an activity. These professionals will need complementary low-cost services that help them manage their businesses. A good opportunity is to create low-cost business centers for the self-employed.

Unlike the traditional centers for companies (with several employees or partners), these do not require large investments, since the offer of services can be reduced to office positions and shared equipment. In addition, this service can be offered through the municipal and regional corporations as a value to their employment centers.


Very related to the previous business opportunity is that of tele-secretaries, a service that can be provided from home and that allows, with a simple ADSL connection, to manage the agenda of several companies and freelancers.

Experts in alliances and mergers:

One way to deal with the development of new projects, the diversification of new lines of business, as a solution to the crisis is to tackle these new challenges with other companies, with the objective of sharing risks and investments. A business opportunity is to create a consultancy specialized in analyzing distressed markets and offering travel partners that add value and share risks with other companies.

Business re-engineering:

Many companies are being forced to redirect their business concepts to adapt to the new demands of the markets. In that sense, another opportunity to undertake is to launch a company dedicated to reorienting these companies with problems to find the right path. The services offered must focus on the control and optimization of costs, as well as feasibility analysis and innovation and development of new business lines.

Stock management:

The number of market references is increasing more and more and the life cycle of these references is also shorter. The manufacturing is going to Southeast Asia and that implies higher response times and greater uncertainty in the supply.

In short, there is more volatile demand and more uncertain supply. And that translates into more inventory and more superfluous costs at a time when companies cannot afford it. A business opportunity is to offer management services and stock optimization.

Search for financial resources:

Companies have liquidity problems and access to funding sources is very difficult, although not impossible. This makes the start-up of businesses related to the search of financial resources for new projects more urgent. The key to this business is to know very well the markets in which the client companies want to operate and look for specialized investors with whom to negotiate, as well as having an exclusive network of contacts in public and private financial entities.

Labor and bankruptcy lawyers:

Companies are cutting jobs and facing bankruptcy proceedings. And with this, the demand for labor lawyers and experts in foreclosures and dissolutions is growing.

Hope you like these business ideas and suggestion which I list down above in the article If still you are not convinced then refer to this great article -> Wonderful business ideas with no money


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