Social Discovery Group: Build Social Connections in the Digital Age


Technology and making apps have changed the way we talk and meet people a lot. Now, we can chat with anyone, no matter where they are.

Thanks to tech, we can find people who like the same things we do, and even make new friends by playing games online. This has opened up new ways for us to hang out and meet people, not just the usual ways.

What is Social Discovery Group? 

We are one of the world’s largest groups of global technology companies dedicated to connecting people through social discovery and developing Social Life 3.0.

The primary focus of Social Discovery Group is to support and invest in social discovery technology startups that have great potential within the current digital landscape and foster meaningful connections globally. 

Our investments cover the worldwide social discovery industry that positively contributes to enhancing social interactions through advanced technologies. 

With more than 250 million users in 100 countries, Social Discovery Group has gained significant popularity due to our investments in innovative products.

Using digital reality and a personalised approach, we at Social Discovery Group believe it’s possible to solve the problems of loneliness, isolation and disconnection by embracing the constantly advancing technology of this digital age to transform how we make connections. 

How do social discovery applications expand connections?

Social discovery apps are the new way to make friends. They use tech to help people find others who like the same things, are in the same place, or enjoy the same hobbies. This can help people make real friends that go beyond just talking online.

These apps use smart tech like AI to show users stuff they’ll like and introduce them to people who think like them. So, it’s not just about chatting. These apps help people meet up in real life and do fun things together in their community.

One big plus of these apps is that anyone can use them from anywhere. Before, you could only meet new people nearby or through friends you already had. But now, with these apps, you can meet people from all over, no matter where you are.

So, why not use this tech to make the world a better place by helping people find friends or even love? By bringing people together, we can make everyone feel connected, no matter where they are or who they are.

What the future of social connections looks like?

Social networks are always finding new ways to help us connect and have changed a lot recently. In the future, cool tech like AI and virtual reality will change how we meet and talk to people online.

Apps and dating sites, like those from Social Discovery Group, will be really important in helping us find friends and matches by understanding what we like.

We think these apps will help people from all over the world become friends easily because they’ll be able to translate what we say in real-time, so talking to someone who speaks another language won’t be hard.

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