Spotify Price Increase Reddit: Online Community Reacts

spotify price increase reddit

The Spotify Price Increase Reddit thread is buzzing with discussions about the recent subscription plan changes.

Spotify has increased its subscription prices for new subscribers across its premium, family, student, and duo plans. 

The ad-free premium plan will now cost $10.99 per month, a $1 increase. 

The other plans will also receive a $1 per month increase in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

Current customers have been given a one-month grace period before the new prices become effective.

Market evolution behind price hike

Spotify has recently stated that the market landscape has evolved since it launched in 2008, and the price hikes will allow them to deliver value to both fans and artists on the platform. 

The price hike comes as streaming services face pressure to make money off services even if it means losing some subscribers. 

Despite the increase in prices, Spotify will still offer a free plan that includes limited features and ads.

Email notification to subscribers

Current subscribers will receive an email notifying them of the new prices on Monday. Shares of Spotify increased by over 1% in pre-market trading on Monday.

Spotify reported in its most recent earnings report that the number of global users grew 15% year over year to 210 million. 

However, the company still incurred an operating loss of €156 million ($173 million). 

Earlier this year, Spotify cut 6% of its staff, and this most recent move to increase prices could be seen as an effort to compensate for losses.

Streaming service competition

Spotify is not the only streaming service to increase its prices recently. Many others have followed suit. 

For instance, in recent months, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Max, and Peacock have announced price hikes. Investors’ pressure to make money off the services could be the reason behind the trend.

Subscribers reaction to the price hike

The announcement of the price hike received mixed reviews from subscribers. 

Users on the Spotify Price Increase Reddit thread express their thoughts on the $1 monthly hike.

Some users expressed disappointment, while others seemed to accept the change and acknowledged that the company must make money. 

Many users took to the web to share their thoughts, with some expressing that they might switch to other streaming services that offer more features for a similar amount.

Podcasting Unit job cuts

Spotify has also recently cut 200 jobs within its podcasting unit. The company stated that the move is part of its effort to streamline podcast operations. 

Spotify holds a significant portion of the podcasting market and is seeking to continue to expand its presence.

Final thoughts

The recent price increase by Spotify could be an effort to compensate for losses while also delivering value to fans and artists on the platform. 

Many members of the Spotify Price Increase Reddit thread are questioning the reasons behind the price increase.

While the reaction of subscribers has been mixed, it is essential to note that other streaming services have also increased their prices in recent months. 

Although Spotify’s increase is not the first, it may be a sign of a broader trend in the streaming industry. 

Despite the recent job cuts, Spotify remains a significant player in the podcasting industry and is poised to continue expanding its presence.

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