Why Does Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend Stay Out Of The Limelight?

stefanos tsitsipas girlfriend

When it comes to the focus being on Stefanos Tsitsipas, it’s no wonder his girlfriend, Theodora Petalas, is content to stay out of the limelight. While she prefers to avoid the spotlight herself, she has plenty to keep her busy outside of tennis. 

Petalas works in the business world and helps others become more remarkable and stand out from the crowd. She also happens to be a great support system for Stefanos as he continues his meteoric rise on the ATP circuit. 

Their relationship of more than three years remains strong and going strong- an example that when love is real it withstands all obstacles even in difficult times such as those faced now by famous people today.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Theodora Petalas have a unique long-distance relationship as Tsitsipas’ career require him to travel all over the world.

The travel hasn’t become an issue, though; Petalas often tags along when she can, providing support while they also find a chance to spend some quality time together. 

Speaking to Marie Claire, Tsitsipas considers his partner his best friend, noting that they talk most days despite the length of their separation. Fortunately, their bond goes beyond just discussion; both share an affinity for tennis, finding joy in playing together whenever they can.

Ultimately, distance is no barrier when two hearts come together—and Stefanos and Theodora serve as proof that love will always find a way.

Stefanos Tsistipas is an incredible tennis player, but it’s his six-year-old sister Petalas who really lights up his day. When playing on the court with her, Stefanos expresses how he feels immense joy and satisfaction that is incomparable to any other moment. 

It would seem that he shares this sentiment with his followers as well, considering that even though she doesn’t have her own public-facing social media account, Petalas still features heavily on his Instagram.

Not only is Stefanos a great athlete and great brother but he also finds the time to share a part of his life with the world outside of the sports arena.

Who is Theodora Petalas?

Petalas is certainly a worldly individual. Originally from Greece, she attained her A levels at Queen’s Gate School in London before furthering her educational pursuits in the United States. 

These days, she works as a research analyst for a top-five wellness and beauty market intelligence agency as well as dabbling in marketing communications for More Than Health AG. 

Before this, Petalas was making waves in the UK and the US; working as a junior strategist for Outfly branding and marketing agency, living and working in New York, and taking an internship with fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. This career globe-trotter is surely following an exciting path!

Petalas had quite the educational journey leading up to her job at Habitas. She graduated from NYU in 2017 with a B.A. degree in history with minors in French and Business and then continued on to achieve a Master of Science in Project Management and Technology shortly after. 

With her newly obtained knowledge, she joined Habitas as their Marketing and Membership Manager from 2017 until 2018.

It has been said that she was introduced to her now-husband through a family based out of New York City, but any other details about the meet-cute have yet to be released to the public.

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