Stephanie Sarkisian: Inside The Life of Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian Inside The Life of Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian is the ex-wife of American football coach Steve Sarkisian. Unfortunately or fortunately, she is one of those women who have their first introduction with the Husband and even ex-husband’s names. This is because her ex-husband was a high-profile figure, and Stephanie’s name became known to the public when she was linked to him. 

This gave Stephanie a certain level of notoriety that many women in similar situations don’t get to experience.

Her name always comes with her ex-husband’s name because he is a celebrity coach. Currently, he is coaching the Texas Longhorns, and she made some scathing comments about her ex-upcoming Husband’s team’s game against the Oklahoma Sooners. The internet has been buzzing ever since.

Let get know about this brave woman;

Stephanie Sarkisian story

Early life

Stephanie Sarkisian was born in the United States of America on March 8, 1974. Her ancestry is a mystery, but she is an American citizen. Her nationality is also unknown. In the year 2022, she will have reached the age of 49.

Her full name is Stephanie Yamamoto Sarkisian. She was born in Japan. Because she is very private, she has not disclosed her actual birthday or the month she was born until now.

The profession that Stephanie Sarkisian holds is that of a teacher. Aside from this fact, little is known about her previous work experience.


Her academic credentials can be substantiated by attending West High School and obtaining her diploma from that institution. In addition, Sarkisian has not divulged the name of the university where she studied.

Personal Life

Her personal life was kept private while she married Steve, and she began to do so after their divorce. Her birth family includes her parents, siblings, and other extended relatives, as well as her educational and professional credentials.

According to the available evidence, Stephanie and her ex-husband, Steve, tied the knot in 1997. This much is clear from the general public records. The wedding occurred on the weekend before Steve reported for training camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.

In the 18 years following their wedding in 1997, the couple welcomed three children into the world before deciding to end their marriage and divorce in April of this year. Their three children include Ashley, Taylor, and Brady. They have three children.

The reason behind her divorce

When Stephanie and Steve Sarkisian announced their intention to end their marriage in April of this year, they married for 18 years.

Their separation was a topic that neither Steve nor Stephan brought up very often in their conversations; in fact, they rarely even brought it up at all.

On the other side, Steve indicated that he and his ex-wife wanted to keep their children and themselves private and wished to protect their privacy. In addition, he emphasized the significance of parents teaching their children the value of working together and being cooperative. He said neither he nor his colleague has any further comments to make on the issue.

We don’t know what led to their split, but we know that Steve remarried Loreal Smith shortly after finalizing the divorce. We don’t know why they split up, but we do know that he did. 

His current partner competed in track and field at the university level and later worked as a coach in the sport.

Settlement after Divorce

In the divorce settlement, Stephanie Sarkisian’s spouse came out on top with a significant advantage. As part of the settlement, the newly recruited head coach at the University of Texas must make a one-time payment of $293k and hand over the Land Rover to his ex-wife.

Based on the information from the source, the family fortune reached a confidential settlement over most of it.

Steve and his ex-partner of 19 years agreed that neither would pay alimony or child support to the other and share custody of their three young children.

If he prevails in his wrongful termination claim against USC for $30 million, the former offensive coordinator for Alabama made more than $10 million while coaching at Washington and millions more at USC. It will receive one hundred percent of any judgment awarded to him if he wins the case.

Stephanie Sarkisian Husbands girlfriend

Although Steve Sarkisian does not now have a girlfriend, he recently tied the knot with Loreal Smith.

Their relationship was brought to the general public’s attention for the first time when, on September 3, 2021, she interviewed KVUE about how she was beginning to become involved in the community in which her spouse was already active.

As an assistant coach at the University of Southern California, she actively engages in philanthropic and social awareness endeavors.

Over the years, she has contributed to initiatives focusing on breast cancer and AIDS, showcasing her commitment to positively impacting these crucial areas.

Stephanie Sarkisian Age

As of 2023, she will be 49 years old.

Her Children’s

She has three kids: Taylor, Ashley, and Brady. They are living with their father. Their three children, Ashley, Brady, and Taylor, were significant factors in her decision to end her 18-year marriage to her Husband.

The football coach claimed that she and her ex-husband had agreed to “raise the kids in a joint co – operative style as loving and caring parents.”

Here, we answer some of the most common questions about Stephanie Sarkisian.

Who is Steve Sarkisian current wife?

Steve Sarkisian’s current wife is Loreal Sarkisian. Loreal Smith, who was a former collegiate track star and coach, is now married to Steve Sarkisian. According to various sources, Steve Sarkisian has credited Loreal Sarkisian for her support and influence on his career. 

She has a strong presence on Instagram, with over 67K followers, where she shares posts and updates about her life. 

Loreal Sarkisian is known to be an important part of Steve Sarkisian’s life and has been mentioned in multiple articles and biographies about the Texas Longhorns coach.

Are Cher and Steve Sarkisian related?

According to our search, there is no credible evidence that Cher and Steve Sarkisian are related. Although they have been asked and discussed about their relationship on various online platforms and social media platforms, no reliable sources have confirmed their relationship. 

However, the two have been spotted together on multiple occasions and have shared a number of social media posts that may be an indication of a relationship between the two. In addition, a source close to Steve Sarkisian has mentioned that the two have been dating for about a year.

Final Verdict

She attended a regular school, got involved with a celebrity coach and married him. The marriage, unfortunately, does not serve much. Her Husband moves on in his life and gets married again. She has two kids with them; she lives a happy and private life, but her Husband is affording all the expenses of their lives.

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