Steve Fennelly Transforming Lives Through Resurgence

Steve Fennelly: Transforming Lives Through Resurgence

If you have suffered from addiction and/or know someone who has, you must have an idea about how difficult it can be to cope with it. The first step – which is the most difficult one – is to accept that you need help, and the next one is to find the right help – which isn’t very easy either.

There are many rehabilitation centers in the US that offer addiction treatment. One of them is Resurgence, which was founded by Steve Fennelly in 2010 after he recovered from drug addiction himself.

About Resurgence:

Resurgence is an alcohol and drug rehab and detox center that offers full-service residential rehab programs within a safe and positive healing environment. Their team consists of highly dedicated professional staff that closely supervise each patient, and are present round the clock to help their patients overcome addiction and lead a normal, healthy life without substance abuse through individual and group therapy sessions, healthy meal options and a relaxing environment.

Currently, Resurgence has several inpatient facilities across Orange County, specifically in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Fullerton Hills. Each facility provides the same standard of services.

Their Philosophy:

According to CEO Steve Fennelly, the biggest challenge that rehab centers face is inhibiting a culture of compassion and empathy in their environment; and this is why it took Steve a long time to recover from his addiction. He kept going in and out of rehab centers for years until he finally made it through.

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This is why Resurgence believes in creating an environment where people – mainly addicts – support each other in their journey rather than bringing each other down so that when these people go out in the real world, they do not just lead an addiction-free life, but they are also compassionate and empathetic.

So what differentiates Resurgence from other rehab centers? For starters, the center offers a fully customized rehabilitation plan for every individual. According to their website, their drug treatment program addresses all the underlying conditions for addiction to allow their clients to overcome their triggers and take ownership of their recovery. Resurgence’s customized approach, coupled with their staff that consists of highly motivated and well-trained professionals, ensures that you or your loved one will receive excellent care during and after treatment.”

But that’s not it. Steve Fennelly believes that in order to lead a normal life, the patients need a little push after they have recovered and for this, Steve offers job opportunities to their patients after recovery in his company Solid Landings. Out of the total workforce, around 60 percent after recovering addicts. Furthermore, their program is LGBTQ+ friendly and has a great Alumni Program that offers support to patients and shows them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The topmost priority of Resurgence is patient care and support, which is why they accept most health insurances, and also design easy payment plans for patients who do not have insurance.


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