Shopping Stores How To Attract People To Physical Stores

Useful Strategies To Attract Customers To Physical Shopping Stores After Corona Pandemic

We have become very childish when it comes to buying physically in shopping stores, especially after Corona pandemic, we are interested in the game, exclusivity, with shows that it can boast of. The playful point is very important in our lives, activities such as games, treasure hunt where the gift is at the point of sale or turning the store into a stage, with messages via online that may be of the type “if you sign up and come to the store you will have a gift”.

You have to enter actions on Spotify or Netflix. If they are video games, for example, try creating one where you can display the product in the store or use the store as an exhibitor and tester of your products.

Lifestyle Store

The so-called love marks have understood the importance of bonding with their clients through physical spaces where they can interact with them. Classic is the sports equipment stores, but each time it begins to become more extensible to other types of brands.

Try turning your store into an establishment where you can find the whole universe that you can link to your brand.

Concept Store

Compared to the previous model, the concept store seeks to offer all kinds of experiences around a concept. Stores in Madrid and Barcelona concerning travel: it offers ethnic gastronomy, travel books, virtual reality on exotic trips, financial advice. Play with a concept and create a store around it.

Instagrammable Stores

One thing that these new generations greatly appreciate is the stores designed for photos on Instagram. With multicolored accumulations of product and all kinds of graphic and chromatic resources that invite you to take that ideal photo to upload to the network.

Stores also use supergiant models that generate a desire to photograph it, as is the case for example with the Lego store in London.

It is about promoting a background very focused on the millennial culture, which are scenarios that millennials and Generation-Zs want to share on their networks and promote comments about the venue and staff. Another option that also works very well, along with the play of light, colors, and sizes, is to install a fun photo-call.

Fun And Surprise

This is what; there must be things that attract people’s attention, attractive and funny. You can work with this fun and surprising effect in multiple ways.


One of the reasons why both the millennial and the Generation-Z come to the store is seeking guidance and training on the product they want to buy or even have already purchased.

A classic example of good work when turning a physical store into a counseling space is what they do in the Apple Store, for example.

There is no counter or warehouse, but rather they generate product experiences and offer advice and training. Try offering free makeup courses at your cosmetic supply store or mini personal shoppers at textile retailers.


It is precisely the possibility of socializing with friends or with other similar profiles that push 58% of the Generation-Z to the physical store.

It can be done via promoting relationship spaces and time spent in stores through the inclusion of leisure products, such as coffee machines, mini-food-trucks, or similar. For example, create shops where children could build their toy and print it in 3D, and where leisure areas for parents are also included.

Do It Yourself

In line with the example of the workshops above, take advantage of physical spaces to turn them into action spaces.

It is a very enterprising generation, in continuous learning, so everything that is promoting and stimulating this creativity makes sense for these clients.

So try to enable spaces where you can create your content, where you can personalize your clothes and articles through programs that allow you to observe the result of your work almost immediately.

Responsible And Committed

The millennial client and the Generation-Z want a brand that is very involved with its values ​​and its generation. Anything that manifests social involvement with the environment, product traceability, regulation, options to recycle the product, interactive communication of stories from the most emotional part of the article is welcome.

If you can connect with their values ​​and with their way of understanding the world, you can win their loyalty. So try promoting social actions from your business establishment.

From a market for buying and selling used things related to the store to promoting meetings with some social purpose. If you are a fashion store, clothing recycling workshops, clothing repairs.

If you are technology, basic repair shops to avoid planned obsolescence or position yourself as space where you can recycle or reuse used products. Businesses also have a department in some establishments where you can carry out repairs yourself. Thus you combine the option of communicating with other users and fulfilling not a social purpose.

From the Store To Art Gallery

It can be done as a concert hall or a mini-cinema. Transform your store into art or cultural gallery based on artist exhibitions linked to the type of products you sell or even offer mini-concerts. Or exhibitions of thematic short films related to your establishment.


Organize events that allow you to attract people to your establishment. Let the designer come to present the collection, let the Instagrammer on duty take photos, a little fashion show.

If you have very specific segments, offer them fun mini-parties that allow your customers to interact with people with similar hobbies in the same space, that of your store. For a pet store, for example, try making a puppy mini party.


Use resources that appeal to the senses. Sensory marketing is essential and is something that can only be done through physical experience.

According to the Elevating the customer experience study. The impact of sensory marketing, from Mood Media, the Generation-Z generation is more likely to stay in stores that use sensory elements.

Thus, 74% of consumers between 18 and 24 years old enjoy listening to music in stores compared to 48% who said so among those over 55 years of age, and 59% admit that they stay longer in those establishments where they like music.

It is the music they play in stores. And it is already known, more time of permanence implies more possibilities of purchase. And when it comes to olfactory marketing, the US consumer is especially sensitive: 85% can repeat in a store because of the smell.

Physical Product Experience

It is for the product test and product tutorials. The Beta chain for example does not sell but offers in stores that you try all kinds of products.

This possibility of being able to touch, analyze, and test the product is what pushes the Generation-Zs to the physical store. Then the purchase may be completed online.

Live product presentation: a clothing or food show. If it is clothing, make it directly there. If it is food, offering some type of elaboration or tasting, or similar life. I cook for you. In the end, it is a hyper service: I give you much more without charging you anything.

Use Of Devices

Augmented reality, the IoT, or the blockchain is super interesting options to transform physical stores into different spaces that you want to go to. Also, there could be interactive displays or windows, or even the false testers where you can try on your clothes without changing the actual ones.

Act Locally

Experts propose playing with proximity, with the current trend of act locally. Find a way to claim yourself as a local, as a neighbor. Talk to the shops in the area to periodically develop some type of pop-up flea market where you can get together several shops in the area and create some kind of motto or some type of joint action.


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