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Successful Tech Entrepreneur Changes the Business Dynamics

Every now and then, we come across stories of successful, young entrepreneurs who are making our lives significantly easier through their knowledge and efforts. In the past decade, from Mark Zuckerberg till Evan Speigel, we have witnessed countless examples of such entrepreneurs. This is the story of one such entrepreneur, Leona Valeria Vatulia, whose startup FieldsFlow has helped business owners all over the world.

Leona Valeria Vatulia is a computer scientist by profession. She is a hardworking and passionate girl, who wanted to do something unique and help people globally ever since she was a child. Her hobbies include swimming, reading and exploring new things every day! At a very young age, Leona managed to bring a change in the business world through her expertise and knowledge. She is the co-founder of FieldsFlow, a services company based on AI. According to her, this decision was driven by their desire to solve real-world business problems, and to provide innovative software solutions based on AI. Although the idea of starting a company was born in 2018, Leona and her partner had to wait another year for the development of SAAS product.

About the Company

It all started when Leona and her partner won a startup competition and decided to start their own service company called FieldsFlow. FieldsFlow is an LLC located in California. It provides one-stop solutions – based on AI – for your business needs. It is an intelligent cloud field service management software that allows all business agents, including the manager, employees and dispatchers to access all information related to the customer. FieldsFlow provides its services to not only companies but individual users and self-employed people as well. The goal of the company is to become the leader of the SAAS market for Field Service management.

Leona says that word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategy nowadays, and this is possible only when you provide excellent service to your customers. She believes that the main focus of every business should be providing excellent service to its customers, and she says that it’s the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that. Apart from this, she also believes that as a business, you should learn from your mistakes and strive for improvement every day.

In the case of her own company, Leona says that they tend to provide unique tools for the business management that enable other businesses to handle their operations more efficiently. FieldsFlow does not only allow different business agents to access customer-related information, but it also allows them to organize their work, while their smart appointment optimization feature allows businesses to handle appointments like never before!

Leona’s Achievements

Leona first came into the spotlight when she won a startup competition, organized by Confers Startup Expo. Needless to say, this was her first step towards her biggest achievement i.e. starting her own company.

Leona was one of the 4 people who were nominated to be a part of International Global Business in Computer Science in 2019. Apart from this, she is also a part of 3 other organizations – International Web Association, Association of Computing Machinery, and International Economic Association. Leona says that she believes everyone should strive to learn more and more about everything, but especially what they are passionate about. Being a part of these organizations allows her to learn something new every day, and by now, she is definitely an expert in her field.


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