Suk Ram, Founder of WOWOW! Hair International

Suk Ram Hairstylist

Suk Ram, the creative and talented hairstylist, marking his presence. Today, we will ask Suk Ram to share those magical hairstyling tricks and of course the journey of his triumph in life.

Who is Suk Ram?

Suk Ram is a hairstylist who got to know about his hidden skills at the age of 14, after 20 years of perfecting his craft, today he is a man who eats, breathes and sleeps his craft. He also contributes to Hairstyle during international fashion weeks, he is known for his to outclass skills and also been a part of front covers of multiple magazines and been featured in international exhibitions.

Some collaborations consist of creating the couture hairstyle trends for international diamonds brand campaigns, directing hairstyle and presenting shows in collaboration with Olympus Style Studio and Discovered Catwalk in association with Cosmopolitan Magazine, He also directed hairstyle in the cinema broadcast of Royal Opera House’s La Donna del Lago.

We heard that you are up to something new? Would you like to reveal the surprise?

Yes!! I’m being asked about this often within the industry.

My new Haircare range is about to launch this summer 2019. The innovation is all about sustainable living, being connected with nature and the earth, My Signature range is Vegan-friendly, Free of sulphates and parabens, Cruelty-free, made with the finest ingredients.

The luxury range consists of shampoo; conditioning, intensive hair masks and a versatile collection of styling products. The range covers ingredients such as bergamot, sea buckthorn, quinoa seed extract, alfalfa leaf, and sandalwood oil.

It really is an exciting year!

Suk Ram WOWOW! Hair International

What makes your organisation different than your competitors?

Actually, if we stay on the path of fact then needless to say that everyone around us knows that we are the brand that offers passionate and powerful level of hairstyle in our space. We always appreciate the requirements of our clients and it has been recorded that WOWOW! is the brand that never disappoints any of its clients when it comes to executing a suitable and perfect hairstyle, people always prefer WOWOW! as their first choice.

Our dedication is on that level of sincerity that me along with my team are always ready to serve the clients, doesn’t matter at which hour of the clock our client needs the service, our clients are the important asset of our brand and we keep on them always on first priority.

What are those tools that you love most working with?

Ok! That’s quite difficult to choose. Well, if it’s about choosing the one then I must say it’s my tailor made Japanese scissors that I love most, among all of the other hairstyling tools.

What takes up too much of your time?

Formalities! I think these formalities actually mean “waste of time” sometimes situations of the circumstances build the walls of formalities between the servicing team and clients which actually leads in the wastage of time, and this is the only part of my business world which I neither like nor appreciate.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

Ah! Now this the most awaited part of the interview, well I always love to suggest to all individuals and future entrepreneurs that don’t follow anyone, first thing to do is to find yourself, to discover your own skills and to explore your own desires. Give priority to yourself first and evaluate on the things that excite your pulse.

Suk Ram, In Action

And the second thing which is the most crucial element in the journey of an entrepreneur is, don’t let the fear trap you in its cruelty. At your initial stage you might have feelings of being failed, you may think what would be the results but just go with the flow, don’t let your fears get over your goals and the last, not the least, do not set yourself in the boundaries. Just break the walls, and explore the world, well explore the world here means, do not only capture yourself in a single book or rely on specific knowledge, just go out of your boundaries, get out from your comfort zone and collect all of the precious pebbles of knowledge regarding your goals and aims.

Trust me; if one is successful to cross these three levels of the journey then no one can stop you from conquering the crown of being victorious and successful in your field.

Did you have major competitors when you started, how did you plan to compete with them, and how did that plan play out?

I never ever believed in the competitors. This competition thing never fits in my dictionary I just focused on my aims and kept refining my skills, if you really want to know about my competitors then I must say I was in competition with my own self, yes, I was trying to defeat my own negative energy, I was fighting with my own fear of creating a brand with many additions under its umbrella and going at it as a director alone. I just kept focusing on my skills, journey of life and highest points in history and here I’m today, every other person knows me as a highly recognized and creative hairstylist.

It’s been just 3 years and now WOWOW! Has already become Warwick’s most preferable and internationally recognised salon.

Tell us about something you are proud of – about your greatest challenge.

It is just my faith and self-belief that actually makes me feel proud. I had a vision, a belief and the powerful skills to achieve it. Turning the 17 years of a job into the direction of an entrepreneur is something quite challenging but still, this is something to feel proud of. I did not only work day and night but also, I kept the factor of intelligence and smartness in the efforts too, putting efforts alone is just not enough.

How people should connect with you?

Well, it will be an honor if people would like to connect; You can contact me on Email, Instagram, Facebook or at WOWOW! HQ