Supercharge Your Laptop For Less Than $30 With This Mega External Hard Drive

Supercharge Your Laptop For Less Than $30 With This Mega Hard Drive

We could all benefit from more space. Not just in life, but on our devices too.

As we deal with mountains of data, ever-increasing file sizes, and accumulating documents, photos and videos every day, it all needs to go somewhere – and if you’re relying on your computer’s internal storage, that’s going to slow your device down to a halt pretty soon. 

The secret to keeping your device running speedily while still keeping all your files saved is with a large external hard drive which can keep your data secure – without slowing down your machine.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot either – today, we’ve found this 2TB Portable SSD External Hard Drive on sale for just $29.99. 

So, how much does that hold? With a massive 2TB at hand, that’s the equivalent of 80 days worth of video, around 620,000 photos or 1,000 high-definition movies. 

Thankfully, though this powerful storage holds a serious amount of data, it couldn’t be easier to use. It requires absolutely zero installation – simply plug in via the high-speed USB-C interface, and you’re ready to start storing and moving files, all with ultra-fast transfer speeds which work five times faster than the average hard drive.

Plus, though it packs a serious amount of storage power, this hard drive is truly portable. Sitting at a small and sleek 3 x 3 inch size, and less than half an inch high, consider this the ultimate pocket-friendly mobile database.

Whether you work across multiple computers between the home and office, travel regularly or share files between different devices, with this super portable hard drive, you’ll always be able to carry the files you need – just drop in your pocket and go.  

Transferring files between your devices becomes even easier, too, with this hard drive’s wide compatibility, working with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

This hard drive also comes extremely highly rated, with an excellent five out of five star review score from previous customers. As one recent user raved, “Wonderfully tiny, devices recognize it, and everything can write to it.” 

Supercharge your storage with this Portable SSD External Hard Drive 2TB, on sale now for $29.99.