Supersize Your Mac With This Complete Utility Pro Bundle For Under $50

Supersize Your Mac With This Complete Utility Pro Bundle For Under $50.

Adding this utility bundle to your Mac might be the equivalent of asking that famous burger joint to “supersize me!” That’s right. 

Your Mac will no longer be just like every other Mac on the block, and it will be chock full of utilities, tools, and apps that will make your computer hum like a swarm of bees and be just as productive. 

This Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle includes features you never knew you needed!

This bundle comprises nine apps that will allow you to do pretty cool tricks, like unlocking over 1,200 hidden features and accessing them with the easy and familiar user interface, finding accessible WiFi networks wherever you may be, and securing your data with 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption and more.

You have undoubtedly heard of some of these apps, while others you may be experiencing for the first time. Each is designed to make your relationship with your Mac more productive, efficient, and fun.

Looking to clean up your Mac or organize your collections, whatever they may be? You guessed it! There are apps for that! 

MacMagic can help clear up gigabytes of lost storage space crowded by the caches of poorly optimized apps. At the same time, Librarian Pro (rated five stars on MacUpdate) allows you to manage and browse all of your cherished items at a glance on a virtual bookshelf. 

And if you need a bit of a break from all this intense systemization, take a trip to  Mystery Island II, a fun and challenging alien game that will keep you guessing.

All that and so much more are included in this comprehensive bundle. Whether you’re a creative type, a pragmatist, or an organization junkie, there is something for everyone. 

Available now for only $49, you will receive lifetime access to all nine apps—that works out to less than $6.00 each!

(Prices are subject to change)