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Surfacing Ideas Skillfully Together Through Online Whiteboard Collaboration

Each group has a unique way where they approach their projects. Utilizing an out-of-the-box workflow, you can make one to coordinate in any manner suitable to your group. You can make your work process smoother and share your ideas using our virtual whiteboard, Sketshare!

Sketshare has top-notch integrations so your team can accomplish its best work. Using Sketshare, you can share your thoughts on a virtual whiteboard that makes it simple to conceptualize simultaneously in real-time.

Redesign your meeting to generate new ideas

It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re working separately or as a team. An online whiteboard can help you write down and arrange your thoughts quicker.

With Sketshare, sketching ideas, making notes, voice and video chat, and other natural highlights, you can easily take an interest in an assortment of brainstorming and imaginative exercises.

Sketshare lets you and your teammates spread out over various spaces of the board so everybody has sufficient room to introduce their thoughts and work Comfortably.

Work as a team progressively, any place you are

You and your team will feel like you’re teaming up in a similar room even in different time zones. You can simply turn your mic and camera on to discuss Straightforwardly with colleagues on your board and mention partners to simultaneously stand out enough to be noticed for criticism and endorsement.

You can even monitor what changes your colleagues make to your whiteboard and drop a comment to tell them your opinion.

Sketshare Collaboration Preview

Offer shape to your thoughts, working on all devices

Sketshare is a digitalized whiteboard that assists you in sorting out and blending data. Assemble comparative thoughts or use labels to mark and coordinate with your team in any project.

Various things are dependent on whatever identifier you pick. With easy tools, you can guarantee that your comments are as obviously portrayed on your whiteboard as they are in your mind.

Work remotely with your team easily

Sketshare offers everyone the advantages of an in-person meeting to generate new ideas, in any part of the world where you and your team are working remotely. With continuous updates, you can keep in touch with your team and feature your best thoughts.

Discuss your visions and wireframes

Arrive at an agreement before you set your thoughts in motion. Make visuals, for example, wireframes and roadmaps that catch your ideas perfectly. Our incredible incorporations assist you with growing your usefulness and showcase your creativity by keeping your online whiteboard associated with the applications you definitely know and love.

Save your thoughts, visuals, and plans in a whiteboard

Our virtual whiteboard offers you enough space to carry out all your ideas and hold all your data in a single focal area. Put together your thoughts in seconds utilizing the adjustable canvas.

Dissect your business from each point of view

Plunge further into key business methodologies by making a SWOT analysis. Incorporate roadmaps and wireframes in your online whiteboard.

Allow your team to contribute their thoughts and ideas to your board to Sketshare for additional upgrades and execution from any other member and implement them accordingly.

Analyze your team’s best ideas and then decide which to incorporate in your project.

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