Sza Breaks The Internet – What Is It All About?

Last weekend, SZA’s Atlanta concert broke the internet. People can’t stop talking about what was put on stage.

sza breaks the internet

Summer Walker, the Atlanta native and incredible vocalist who shared the stage with SZA at her show, is just one of those phenomenons that had everyone talking. 

Her attendance wasn’t the only thing people were buzzing about though; SZA herself has been a hot topic since releasing her latest album in December. 

From her sultry tunes to passionate lyrics and everything in between, it’s no surprise people are so enamored by everything she does.

With each new chapter SZA shares with us, music, and beyond, she consistently brings something unique to the table that captivates fans in an extraordinary way.

When SZA signed with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) in 2012, the label was quickly becoming a household name. As they sought to expand their roster, bringing on SZA was incredibly savvy, and it paid off. 

During her debut period from 2012-2013, she created a sound that quickly gained traction. Who could have predicted that SZA would be one of the most successful stars in R&B music ten years later? 

Notable highlights from her success include her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on “All The Stars,” for the Black Panther soundtrack, helping catapult SZA’s presence even further within the mainstream. 

Now, after a decade under TDE’s wing and rising to dizzying levels of success, it’s safe to say that this was one of the best artist acquisitions of all time.

It’s not just her music that makes SZA such a standout star. She’s well aware of her influence and the power she wields. 

In recent times, she’s become popular for her looks and attitude as much as she deserves attention for her talent as an artist.

Several of SZA’s iconic moments over the past year have highlighted this, but none more so than her Atlanta show, where backstage photos had the world in awe of SZA’s style and bravado. 

As always, she knew exactly what to do for the camera: stand firm, make sure the world got a good look at her back, and watch it ignite the internet.

For all her considerable talents in songwriting and performing, fans know that SZA knows no limits when it comes to captivating an audience.

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