Tacoma Simmons, Son Of Late Rapper DMX On His Road To Success

Tacoma Simmons, Son Of Late Rapper DMX On His Road To Success

Tacoma Simmons is an accomplished model, artist, and writer from the United States. 

He is well-known as the son of DMX, a well-known American rapper, musician, and performer.

Tacoma Simmons, DMX’s son, is a melodic arranger. Lord Simmons is a well-known American entertainer best known as DMX.

Tacoma Simmons is a staunch supporter of his father, and he followed in his father’s footsteps. As he stated on his Instagram account, people know him as a music arranger.

Tacoma Simmons also works at Guitar Center as a manager. On Instagram, he also described himself as a musical author.

Simmons is also a melody writer.

He shared a few recordings of himself playing guitar on a couple of hard-hitting songs.

However, following his father’s death, he could not concentrate on his musical career. He was eventually found to be disconnected from his profession.

Tacoma Simmons

Who Is Tacoma Simmons?

On August 27, 1999, Tacoma Simmons, a music author, was born into the world. He is currently 22 years old.

This well-known rapper, Tacoma Simmons, was born in Mount Kisco, New York, and spent a significant amount of his youth there.

He is an American citizen. In any case, he is Afro-American, as his nationality indicates. 

Taresha, his mother, is an actress who has been in films such as Iyanla, Fix My Life, and Starter Wives Confidential and is due to appear in another.

The performer is currently working on his bachelor’s as an instructor. He graduated from Fox Lane High School and moved on.

Because he is not much active on social media, the young man, like his sister, lives a private life. 

His mother, Tashera, is a calm young lady who blogs on the internet. 

Tashera, his mother, posted on Instagram to share her emotions and a few adolescence photos of her son on his 22nd birthday. She stated :

‘My child @tacomasimmons entered our lives a long time ago today. Your mother is ecstatic! Carry on with your life freely! Keep in mind who you have.”

Musicals have captivated both his professional and personal lives. Simmons appears to enjoy his personal life while attempting to keep it apart from his professional life.

Tacoma Simmons Physical Appearance; Age, Height & Weight

Tacoma Simmons arrived in the world on August 27, 1999. He stated that he was born in the United States.

Tacoma Simmons’s age is approx 22. He celebrates his birthday every year. 

We have no idea his exact height, but he appears to be tall in his photographs. 

He seems to be under 6 feet tall, but he has yet to reveal his height,

His weight highly matches his height, but no detailed information is available about his weight.

He is an adolescent who is young, skinny, and tall.

Tacoma is a handsome young man with areas of strength. His eyes are earthy in tone, and his hair is dark.

Tacoma Simmons Parents and Siblings

Tacoma Simmons’ father is DMX’s, Duke Simmons. He was a well-known rapper in the 1990s and 2000s.

In 1998, the primary delivered collection was It’s Dark, and Hell Is Hot. People loved it so much that it sold two-fifty thousand in the first week.

In 1999, another best collection titled “And Then There Was X” was released. Earl Simmons also appeared in a total of 12 movies, including Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grace, Exit Wounds, and Last Hour.

Tacoma’s mother is Tashera. She has 50 years on this planet, and she is well-known for her roles in several films and television shows.

E! Real Hollywood Story in 2009, Iyanla, Fix My Life in 2013, Starter Wives in 2013, and Never Die Alone in 2004 are among her credits. 

Taresha also broadcasts an advanced program called Freedom of Truth. 

When Tashera was 11, she first met DMX, Duke Simmons. . They began dating after being friends for a few years and were in a relationship for several years before marrying in 1999.

Tacoma Simmons has three brothers and sisters. He has one sister and two brothers.

Xavier, his senior sibling, was born in 1992. Sean, his younger brother, was born in 2002. Praise Mary Ella, his sister, was born in 2005.

Xavier went on to work at Ball Factory after graduating from Westchester Community College. However, his younger brother Sean worked at Red Lobster.

He was the organization’s manager. Sean previously worked at the Northern Westchester Boys & Girls Club.

His father and mother married in 1999 and lived together for more than a decade; however, they divorced in 2014. 

From then until 2016, his father had a loving relationship with his companion Desiree Lindstrom, and they lived together until his father’s death.

Tacoma’s father married another woman and had eleven children with her. 

Tacoma has eleven half-kin in this regard. Exodus is the name of one of his siblings, while Aaliyah Haughton is his sister’s name.

From the age of 14, Earl Simmons, also known by his stage name DMX, experimented with drug addiction. 

The rapper could never overcome his addiction, despite numerous recovery institutions. As a result, it damaged both his musical career and his personal life.

Simmons was transported to the hospital in April 2021 after suffering a heart attack at home. 

According to reports, the attack was caused by a narcotics overdose. 

Unfortunately, the rapper’s health has deteriorated since being brought to the hospital.

On April 9th, 2021, his father passed away due to significant cardiovascular failure.

 According to accounts, his father’s death resulted due to a drug overdose.

Tacoma Simmons Net Worth

As a performance by rapping, the American artist Tacoma Simmons has made a lot of money. 

His overall assets are estimated to be around $100,000.

Music has brought him a substantial sum of money. In any event, he has not disclosed his income, benefits, or assets claimed in a transparent manner.

Tacoma Simmon’s Social Media Following

On his official Instagram account, @tacomasimmons, he has 763 followers. 

He isn’t active on Facebook or Twitter right now.

This is the complete information available on Tacoma Simmons. In the above article, we have covered all the major aspects of his life beginning from his birth to his career to his father’s death.

Any recent information will be updated respectively.