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Sergey Brin - The Role of Entrepreneurship

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Technological Development

Role of Entrepreneurship In the 20th century, technological development is on its peak. Things such as smartphones and tablet-cum-laptops, which didn’t even exist 15…

Brent Cherne - An Interview With a Seasoned Healthcare Executive

Brent Cherne, Seasoned Healthcare Executive

Brent Cherne – A seasoned healthcare executive, I have worked in a variety of settings as CFO, Controller or VP of Finance….

Global Cultural entrepreneurship

Global Focus for Cultural Entrepreneurship

The arena of Entrepreneurship is usually related to the discovery and chase of new business prospects through the formation of companies. The eventual goal…

Global Entrepreneurs around the world

World Top 10 Global Entrepreneurs

It is as tough as old boots to count entrepreneurs of the world on fingertips. Millions, indeed, apparently even billions. These are the gentlemen…

Karl Sutton, CEO Of Qolture Inc

Karl Sutton, CEO of Qolture Inc

An exclusive interview with Karl Sutton, CEO of Qolture Inc. Tell us about yourself? As the founder and CEO of Qolture, Inc., I…

Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education

Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education

Exclusive interview with Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education. She provides positive psychology training & consulting services to schools, supporting teachers and parents…

Junaid Iftikhar

Junaid Iftikhar, A Shining Name Of GCC market

An exclusive interview with Junaid Iftikhar, CEO of TechMindz Company and an Expert Business Consultant in the domain of GCC market. Tell…

Roy Yap, Crafting Qualifications into Career Reality

An exclusive interview with Roy Yap who is Chief Executive of London Westminster College (LWC) in the United Kingdom. He is from…

John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain

John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain

An exclusive interview with John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain. In addition to his work with ShipChain, John is also the founder and CEO…

Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin, Creative Director of Design Studio Brooklyn

Tell us about yourself? My name is Adrian Rubin. I run a freelance creative design studio in the heart of Brooklyn and I’ve been doing…

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